Episode 199: Dr. Thomas Incledon on the causes of sleep issues and what you can do about it.

Dr. Thomas Incledon (aka "The World's Strongest Scientist") returns to the LLA Show in the first of

Episode 198: Christian Thibadeau on the benefits of amino acid spikes, Type 3 diabetes, the negatives of overeating for bulking

One of the LLA Show's most downloaded guests and highly sought-after coach, Christian Thibadeau, returns

Episode 197: Elite strength coach Lee Boyce returns to discuss longevity training, the importance of layoffs, getting stronger in your 40s and beyond

Top strength coach, Lee Boyce, returns to the LLA show to share the results of his 2016 training goals,

LLA Premium Episode #5: The many benefits of Kratom for energy, pain relief, and mood

Mike & Sincere return for Patreon Subscriber-Only Premium Episode #5. This one a special, as it

Episode 196: Ron Morris on Qi Gong to help Parkinson's clients, early days of the RKC, Aggressive Strength beer goggles

Ron Morris is the quintessential renaissance man, whose life includes a career as a pro wrestler, training

Episode 195: Cro-Mags founder Harley Flanagan on Webster Hall, BJJ, his new book, and the power of music to heal

One of my favorite guests ever on the LLA show! Harley has had a big impact on my life as you will learn

LLA Premium Episode #4: Best nootropic combo for pre-workout, infrequent training benefits, healthy snack options

Check it out! Mike & Sincere return for Patreon Subscriber-Only Premium Episode #4 to discuss the

Episode 194: Project Child Save founder Ty Ritter discusses what you can do to help kids sold into human trafficking and how to protect your kids

It was great having Ty back on the show to discuss a very important cause that everyone should be concerned

Episode 193: James Pond returns for this special Veteran's Day edition to discuss how civilians can get more involved with supporting our veterans

Friend of the show and popular guest, James Pond, returns for this special Veteran's Day edition of

Episode 192: Dr. Julio Garcia on knee surgery recovery, intermittent fasting benefits, stem cells and platelet therapy benefits

Dr. Julio Garcia returns to discuss the following: Mike and Sincere discuss ninja buffet waiters,

Episode 191: Elite strength coach Christian Thibaudeau returns to discuss optimal training, pre-workout supplementation, and nutrition on the road

Top strength coach and popular T-nation contributor, Christian Thibaudeau returns to discuss the following: Christian

Episode 190: The benefits of the Mike Gillette training system and why you should be using it

Popular guest, Mike Gillette, returns this week to discuss the following: Mike returns to discuss

Episode 189: The numerous benefits of curcumin and ginger for joint health, muscle pain, gut health, and brain health

Mike & Sincere return this week to discuss the following: Mike discusses the benefits of ginger

Episode 188: Dr. Mark Gordon and Andrew Marr on reversing gyno, clomid benefits, 7-keto DHEA vs DHEA, causes of abdominal fat

Popular LLA guests, Dr. Mark Gordon & Andrew Marr of the Warrior Angels Foundation return to discuss

Episode 187: Thomas Incledon on the importance of probiotics for everything from blood pressure, mood, to optimal testosterone

Popular LLA Show guest, Thomas Inclendon (aka "the World's Strongest Scientist) returns to discuss the

Episode 186: Ty Ritter specializes in the rescue of children that have been kidnapped or sold into sexual slavery and child pornography

Ty Ritter is a stuntman, protection specialist, and founder of Project Child Save, which specializes

Episode 185: Jerry Brainum on the best pre-workout supplements and the pros and cons of IGF-1

Jerry Brainum returns to the LLA Show to discuss the following: Jerry shares how his newsletter was

Episode 184: Ryan Andrews on transitioning from a bodybuilding lifestyle to a life focused on volunteering, plant-based eating, and helping others

Ryan Andrews is a competitive bodybuilder turned registered dietitian, yoga instructor, and volunteer

Episode 183: Elite strength coach Eric Cressey on deadlift performance, balance training myths, pros and cons of using a weight belt

Highly sought-after strength coach, Eric Cressey joins the LLA Show to discuss the following: Eric

Episode 182: Top strength coach and Burn guitarist Gavin Van Vlack returns to discuss optimal training, rest times, restoration methods

Burn guitarist & top strength coach, Gavin Van Vlack returns to the LLA Show to discuss the following: Gavin

Episode 181: Elite BJJ competitor Robert Consulmagno on thriving with Bipolar disorder and PTSD

Robert Consulmagno is living breathing proof that Bi Polar disorder & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Episode 180: 5-3-1 vs GVT training, a tuber that can increase testosterone by 225% , clear signs of leptin and insulin resistance

This week, Mike & Sincere discuss the following: Mike & Sincere answer listener's questions

Episode 179: The Fight Hypnotist Joshua Manuel on the mental side of the fight game and optimizing physical performance

Joshua Manuel works with high-performance clients who need instant results. During his 14+ years of

Episode 178: Jerry Brainum on Modafinil, effective nootropics, green tea extract concerns, and the benefits of Metformin

Jerry Brainum, is a well-known fitness and bodybuilding nutrition writer, with 35 years of experience

Episode 177: Steve Cotter returns to discuss his current training regimen, the importance of foot strength, and prioritizing flexibility

Top strength coach, Steve Cotter, returns to discuss the following: Steve shares his experience teaching

Episode 176: MMA legend Frank Shamrock on MMA strength training, the Shamrock way to help troubled youth, overcoming abuse to help others

Retired MMA legend, Frank Shamrock is the first UFC Middleweight Championship (now known as the UFC

Episode 175: Elite Powerlifter Paul Tabone on optimal Squat and Deadlift technique and the benefits of Angry Joe Coffee

Paul Tabone is an elite powerlifter and the owner and mind behind Angry Joe Coffee. Paul created Angry

Episode 172: Top MMA strength coach Corey Beasley on designing effective training programs for combat athletes

Corey Beasley, is the owner of Innovative Results training center in Costa Mesa, CA. & is a top

Episode 171: Jake Shannon creator of the Macebell and Scientific Wrestling on working with Josh Barnett and Frank Shamrock

Jake Shannon, creator of the Macebell, Scientific Wrestling, & the Pin & Submit training seminars,

Episode 169: Elite strength coach Christian Thibadeau on training frequency, high protein fallacies, and optimal Crossfit training

Christian Thibaudeau is a Canadian bodybuilder, author, and world renown strength coach. Christian gained

Episode 168: Author Mark Leruste on men's health, self-help addicts, and pursuing a fulfilling career

Mark Leruste, also known as "The Unconventional Hustler, is an award winning men's health activist,

Episode 167: Ted Ryce on bodyweight training, isometrics, BJJ, and the pros and cons of the personal development industry

Fitness pro, Ted Ryce, returns to the LLA Show to discuss the following: What are the pros and cons

Episode 166: The fat burning and anti-estrogenic benefits of green tea, frequent practice sets for improving training performance

This week, Mike & Sincere discuss the following: Mike discusses new studies showing the fat-burning

Episode 165: Top strength coach Scott Shetler shares his recent travels to Westside Barbell & what he learned from the legendary Louie Simmons

Top strength coach and author, Scott Shetler returns to the LLA Show to discuss the following: Scott

Episode 164: Elite strength coach Vince McConnell on training longevity and how to modify training as you get older to thrive

Top strength coach, Vince McConnell returns to the show to discuss the lost art of training longevity,

Episode 163: Adam Blake bassist for NYC hardcore band H20 on racism, staying fit on the road, and power of positive music

Adam Blake, the bassist for the New York hardcore punk band, H2O joins Mike & Sincere this week

Episode 162: CNS exhaustion and how to recover from it, benefits of calorie fluctuation strategies, should you take theanine?

This week, Mike & Sincere discuss the following: How to manage caffeine stimulation via theanine How

Episode 161: The power of Kaizen for impressive training progress and the illusion of maintenance

This week, Mike & Sincere discuss the following: Why denial is a river and not an accurate measure

Episode 160: Dr. Mark Gordon on testosterone and why many men of all ages have low levels and what can be done about it

Dr. Mark Gordon is a pioneer in hormone testing and replacement in victims of traumatic brain injury

Episode 159: Elite strength coach Lee Boyce on training pitfalls, mobility work, and bouncing back from injuries

Lee Boyce is a highly respected and sought-after strength coach, professional fitness writer, and an

Episode 157: Controversial supplement industry watchdog Anthony Roberts on SARMS, UFC 194, Deadlift technique and more

Controversial supplement industry watchdog, Anthony Roberts returns to talk about the good, the bad,

Episode 156: Fitness expert Luke Sniewski's "Million Ways To Live" show on physical culture all over the world

What happens when you mash up the Travel Channel, Food Network,NatGeo channel, & the fitness programs

Episode 155: Financial expert Rohit Kalra on why you should be investing in yourself

It's that time of the year, where waistlines usually get bigger, while bank accounts get a lot slimmer.

Episode 154: Elite Strength Coach Charles Poliquin on the importance of DHEA, pre-workout cortisol, and neurotransmitter testing

Top strength expert and highly sought-after coach, Charles Poliquin, returns to discuss the following: The

Episode 153: Dr. Julio Garcia on stem cell therapy for injuries and fat loss, nanotechnology benefits, and training with Mike Tyson

Dr. Julio Garcia joins today's episode to talk how his p's revolutionizing approach to fat loss via

Episode 152: Author Ryan Holiday on the benefit of obstacles and everyday inconveniences

Ryan Holiday is a media strategist and prominent writer on strategy and business. After dropping out

Episode 151: Strength coach Ory Ortega discusses why he left Crossfit and training for strength vs looks

This week, Mike & Sincere chat with top fitness coach Ory Ortega, of Briga Training in Panama, as

Episode 150: SHBG benefits for testosterone, why the low fat craze never existed, coffee you don't want to miss

This week, Mike & Sincere talk sex hormones, the myth of the "Low Fat" craze, Sincere's top 5 coffee

Episode 148: Dr. Jose Antonio, Ph.D. on the benefits of creatine, high protein, glutamine, and the optimal pre-workout caffeine dose

Dr. Jose Antonio, Ph.D. is the CEO and co-founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Episode 147: Author and top strength coach Nate Morrison on military fitness, V02 max flaws, optimal training intensity for strength

For over a decade, Nate Morrison has been leading the fight to dramatically reform and redefine military

Episode 146: Kettlebell expert Steve Cotter returns to discuss why he is passionate about his new plant based diet

Our good friend and highly sought-after strength coach, Steve Cotter, returns to discuss becoming vegan,

Episode 145: Mike Gillette shares his days as an Army paratrooper, SWAT commander, arresting network marketers, breaking Guinness World records

Mike Gillette shares his days as an Army paratrooper, SWAT commander, arresting network marketers, breaking

Episode 144: Dr. Thomas Incledon returns to answer listener questions about bulking phase effectiveness, ketosis, the best nootropics, diet strategies, and more

Popular guest, Dr. Thomas Incledon, returns to answer listener questions regarding ketosis, diet strategies,

Episode 143: Elite Strength Coach Gavin Van Vlack on NYC hardcore, bulletproof coffee nonsense, and why he hates the TRX

Gavin Van Vlack is a New York City-based strength & conditioning coach, who is also a veteran of

Episode 142: Matt Brown on UFC drug testing, IV and making weight, nutrition periodization

Top UFC welterweight Matt "The Immortal" Brown returns to talk about his recent victory at UFC 189,

Episode 141: Las Vegas headliner Mike Hammer on success, the tabata protocol, and the negatives of America's Got Talent

Mike Hammer is a Las Vegas Headliner at the Four Queens Hotel & Casino, which is downtown Las Vegas's

Mike Mahler on the courage to be yourself on the The Legendary Life Podcast

In this episode, you will learn: How To Share Your Unpopular Opinion (Without Being An Asshole) How

Episode 138: Psychologist Michael Friedman, Ph.D. on depression, being bald, who's the boss, and why he uses old profile pics

Michael Friedman, Ph.D. is the author of the book, "Brick By Brick," a contributor to Psychology Today,

Episode 137: Anthony Roberts returns to discuss steroids & anabolics 101: Truth vs. Myths

Anabolics expert, Anthony Roberts, returns to discuss steroids & anabolics 101: Truth vs. Myths.

Episode 136: Dwayne Crawford on animal rescue and adoption, life in Panama, and NBA stars

Dwayne Crawford is an animal adoption expert at the Nevada SPCA. For many years he has worked tirelessly

Episode 135: Mike Catherwood co-host of loveline with Dr. Drew on Crossfit, bodybuilding, martial arts, and keys to success

Mike Catherwood is a radio & TV personality, as well as the co-host of "Love Line" w/Dr. Drew. Mike

Episode 134: UFC Fighter Matt Brown on Westside training, mental toughness, and active release technique

UFC welterweight Matt Brown (a.k.a The Immortal) takes time out of his training prep for UFC 189 in

Episode 133: Super strong scientist Thomas Incledon PH.D., on Paleo Diet flaws, anabolics, the 4-hour a-hole, TRT in the UFC

Dr. Thomas Incledon, a.k.a "The World's Strongest Scientist," is a world renowned scientist in the fields

Episode 132: Self-defense expert Tim Larkin on to how avoid being a victim of human violence

In part 2 of this 2 part show, personal protection expert, Tim Larkin, returns to discuss the following:  What

Episode 131: Tim Larkin returns to discuss the restoration benefits of cryosauna therapy and float chamber sensory deprivation

In part 1 of this 2 part show, personal protection expert, Tim Larkin, returns to discuss training recovery

Episode 130: Elite Strength Coach Vince McConnell on fitness industry pet peeves, strength vs size training, optimal hypertrophy programming

Vince McConnell returns to discuss fitness industry pet peeves, how you can avoid them as a coach, trainer,

Episode 129: Strength Coach Scott Shetler on the benefits of German Volume Training and his new book Eat Plants Lift Iron with Stic of Dead Prez

Strength coach Scott Shetler returns to the show to discuss his current book collaboration with and

Episode 128: Steve Maxwell on the benefits of isometric and negative training

Here's part 2 of our discussion with top strength coach Steve Maxwell. In this highly anticipated episode,

Episode 127: Christina Danos on the importance of Kettlebells 4 Autism for raising awareness

Christina Danos created Kettlebells 4 Autism with the goal of raising awareness about autism through

Episode 126: Jimmy Smith On Crossfit pros and cons, Bulletproof coffee, and UFC drug testing

Fit pro, Jimmy Smith, has appeared in some of the top health & fitness publications & website,

Episode 125: Steve Maxwell returns to discuss HIT training, Heavy Duty training, and the Super Slow method

Top Strength coach, Steve Maxwell returns for a special 2 part episode to address various training protocols.

Episode 124: MMA legend Bas Rutten returns to talk about the 02 trainer, PEDs in MMA, and Cyborg vs Rousey

MMA legend, Bas Rutten, returns to talk about why his O2 Trainer's inspiratory trainer is superior to

Episode 123: Beyond Training author Ben Greenfield on float tanks, adrenal fatigue, and breathing techniques for improved performance

Ben Greenfield returns to the LLA podcast to discuss endurance training breathing techniques, sensory

Mike Mahler on the Fitness Burn Podcast discussing hormone optimization, optimal training, and nutrition

It was great being a guest on Natanael Elmore's Fitness Burn Podcast discussing Leptin, hormone optimization,

Cro-mags lead singer John Joseph returns to discuss his latest book and upcoming projects

John Joseph of Cro-Mags fame, returns to the LLA podcast to discuss his latest book, upcoming projects,

Mike Mahler on the Ben Coomber podcast discussing hormone optimization and kettlebell training

It was great being on Ben Coomber's podcast. Check out the episode below!  Todays podcast #126

Episode 121: The Pros and cons of the Coan/Philippi deadlift program and how to personalize it

Mike & Sincere break down renown strength coach, Ed Coan's deadlift program, and share why it may

Episode 120: Biohazard frontman Billy Graziadei on the Gracie diet, racism, and music industry

Billy Graziadei is the lead vocalist for Biohazard and the former guitarist for Suicide City.  Billy

Mike Mahler on the Six Figure Fit Pro Podcast on how to set yourself apart from the competition

Mike Mahler is a fitness expert based in Las Vegas, NV. Mike has been a strength trainer and kettlebell

Episode 119: Celebrity fitness trainer John Pierre on what it really takes to help people lose fat and get healthy

John Pierre is a nutrition and fitness consultant who has devoted more than a quarter century to helping

Episode 118: Dr. Wong on strategies to address ED as well as ways to improve sexual health and performance

Dr. William Wong returns to discuss a topic many of our listeners asked that we discuss...Erectile Dysfunction

Episode 117: Our favorite 2014 Episodes and funny stories that will have you laughing all day

Mike & Sincere discuss their favorite episodes and guests of 2014, and share why you should go back

Episode 116: Former MMA Fighter Mac Danzig on behind the scenes with the UFC and his plant based diet

Mac Danzig is a retired pro MMA fighter, UFC vet, Ultimate Fighter season 6 winner, plant-based athlete,

Episode 115: World renown strength coach Ian King on fat loss mistakes, Crossfit fence walkers, and optimal program design

By far one of the best strength coaches in the business. Every trainer and fitness enthusiast should

Episode 114: Ori Hofmekler author of The Warrior Diet, Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat, and The Anti-Estrogenic Diet

Ori Hofmekler is best known as the author of best-selling books such as, "The Warrior Diet," "The Anti-Estrogen

Episode 113: Jen Feuerstein director of Save The Chimps on all the great work they do

Jen Feuerstein is the sanctuary director of the Save The Chimps organization. Jen joins us to discuss

Episode 112: Dr. Mark Gordon on brain traumatic injuries and hormone optimization part 2

Dr. Mark Gordon returns for part 2 of our discussion of his research and treatment of hormone replacement

Episode 111: Dr. Mark Gordon on brain traumatic injuries and hormone optimization part 1

Dr. Mark Gordon has researched the risks and benefits of clinical hormonal reconstitution for over 15

Episode 110: Dave Weck creator of the Bosu discusses balance training, RMT clubs, and creating a successful business

David Weck is the innovative mind behind the popular, and often controversial, Bosu Ball. David joins

Mike Mahler on the Menprovement show discussing optimizing hormones, boosting testosterone, and more

Podcast: Play in new window | Download  Listen/Subscribe on iTunes (Or download

Episode 109: Mick Benzo co-host of the Ice T Final Level Podcast on the music business and why Ice T is so successful

Mick Benzo is the co-host of Ice T's Final Level Podcast, as well as the CEO of PayUp Management. The

Episode 108: Jackass and Wildboyz star Chris Pointius on his unique path to fame and why he loves kettlebell training

Chris Pontius is a core member of the MTV & movie franchise hit, Jackass and, along with Steve-O,

Mike Mahler on the Jimmy Smith Podcast discussing boosting testosterone and taking charge of your life

Our masculinity is being ROBBED daily by our foods, stress, toxins and other chemicals that are omnipresent.

Episode 107: Rising strength coach Jase Nibourg on crushing obstacles and building the life you want

Jase Nibourg is a strength & conditioning coach based in Red Deer, Alberta Canada. However, prior

Episode 106: Kettlebell and fitness expert Shaun McMaster on training and helping homeless animals in Spain

Having a career as a school teacher and being an avid fitness and martial arts fanatic was simply not

Episode 105: Steven Kotler author of The Rise of Superman on achieving flow and peak performance

Steven Kotler is a New York Times bestselling author, an award-winning journalist and theco-founder/director

Episode 104: Melya Kaplan on helping homeless animals and the connection between compassion and IQ

Melya Kaplan (http://www.vftafoundation.org/) founded Voice For The Animals in 1999. Melya was inspired

Episode 103: Physiotherapist Christopher Lendrum on injury rehab as well as advice on training around injuries

Christopher Lendrum is U.K.based professional physiotherapist whose mission is to educate those who

Episode 102: Madball Frontman Freddy Cricien on the all things NYC Hardcore

Freddy Cricien is the lead singer of the legendary New York hardcore group, Madball. Freddy, the half-brother

Episode 101: Top Strength Coach Vince McConnell on optimal training over 50

What's the best...scratch that...what's the "smartest" way to train, if you're 50 or older, train clients

Episode 100: Fear based motivation, anchors for optimal performance, effective social media marketing

Mike & Sincere celebrate a major milestone, as the Live Life Aggressively podcast reaches episode

Episode 99: Claudia Altucher best selling co-author of The Power of No on taking charge of your life

Claudia Altucher is a Wall Street Journal, Amazon, & USA Today best-selling co-author of "The Power

Episode 98: Dr. William Wong on the benefits of coffee and adrenal fatigue advice

Dr. William Wong, a very popular & highly downloaded previous LLA podcast guest, returns to help

Episode 97: Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner on IronLife magazine and why you should subscribe now!

Jon Lipsey & Joe Warner (http://ironlifemag.com/) left a couple of cush gigs at Men's FItness Magazine

Episode 96: Flexibility and mobility expert Tom Furman on pain-free aging

Tom Furman (http://tomfurman.com/) has been involved in martial arts and conditioning since 1972. With

Lose fat, increase sex drive, and improve training performance by optimizing hormones naturally! Interview with Mike Mahler

Talking points How do you know if your hormones are optimized? What are the important

Episode 95: Kettlebell and bodyweight training maverick Rannoch Donald on move the body, still the mind

Rannoch Donald is a movement maverick, inspirational trainer, coach and founder of the ground breaking

Episode 94: Controversial author of Meat Is For Pussies and Cro-mags singer John Joseph on thriving on a plant based diet

John Joseph (http://purepma.com/) is a singer and author from New York City, most famous for his work

Episode 93: Don Ryce on how the Jimmy Ryce Foundation protects kids from predators

Don Ryce (http://jimmyryce.org), the father of the late Jimmy Ryce and previous LLA podcast guest, Ted

Episode 92: Ken and Mitch Blackburn on kettlebell training for serious fat loss and fitness

One of our more popular guests, Ken Blackburn (http://ikff.net/), returns with his son Mitch. Mitch

Mike Mahler discusses his plant based diet on the InnerFight Podcast

  Great to have Mike Mahler back on the show. This time we talk on topics that Mike

Episode 91: Top trainer Marcus Martinez on strength training for pro fighters and the My Mad Methods split

Marcus Martinez (http://mbodypro.com/) is the owner and creator of Mbody Pro, the Mbody Gym in Brea,

Episode 90: Guinness Book of World Records holder Jon Bruney on his NeuroMass system to increase size and strength

Jon Bruney (http://pressingthelimits.com/) is a Guinness Book world record holder, whose strength exploits

Episode 89: Fitness expert Steve Maxwell on exercises you should avoid, optimal programming, and the benefits of crawling

Top strength coach & popular guest Steve Maxwell (http://maxwellsc.com/) returns for an in

Episode 88: Author Robb Wolf on the Paleo Diet and why he was kicked out of Crossfit

Robb Wolf, (http://robbwolf.com) is a former research biochemist is the New York Times Best Selling

Episode 87: Elite strength coach Andrew Durniat on the importance of grip strength and how to develop it

Andrew Durniat, (http://durniatstrength.com/ &http://optraining.blogspot.com/) transformed

Episode 86: Fitness expert Clarence Bass author of Ripped, Take Charge, and Great Expectations

Clarence Bass (http://cbass.com/) is an attorney and fitness writer. He is also known for his series

Episode 85: Top strength coach Bret Contreras on being the glute guy!

Bret Contreras (http://bretcontreras.com) is considered by many as the foremost expert in glutes training.

Episode 84: Part 2 Strength Coach Marcus Smith

Listen in on Pt. 2 of our chat with Marcus Smith, the founder of Innerfight (http://innerfight.com),

Episode 83: Top Strength Coach Marcus Smith on the Crossfit games and myths about genetics

Marcus Smith, the founder of Innerfight (http://innerfight.com) is a former rugby player and is now

Episode 82: Top level triathlete Aurora Colello on thriving with Multiple Sclerosis

Aurora Colello (http://www.auroracolello.com/) is a top level triathlete. However, after being diagnosed

Episode 81: Sandbag training expert Josh Henkin on the benefits of dynamic variable resistance training

Josh Henkin (http://ultimatesandbagtraining.com/) is the creator of the Ultimate Sandbag Training System

Episode 80: Kettlebell training expert Lisa Balash on what really goes on at fitness competitions

Lisa Balash (http://kettlebellbombshell.com/) is a former fitness competitor turned kettlebell sport

Episode 79: Dr William Wong on the benefits of systemic enzymes and why andro was really banned

Dr. William Wong (http://naturalhealthpodcasts.com/ &http://totalityofbeing.com/ ) is

Episode 78: Top Strength Coach Steve Maxwell Part 2 on the RKC, TRX, and his regimen for longevity

Steve looks back at the early days of the RKC and how he feels about it now At what point did Steve

Episode 77: Elite Strength Coach Steve Maxwell Part 1 on Crossfit, BJJ training, and lifestyle business freedom

Steve Maxwell (http://maxwellsc.com) is is an American fitness coach, physical educator, and Brazilian

Episode 76: Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan on recovery, injury prevention, as well as info on a new growth hormone supplement

Ep.#76: Mike and Sincere share tips on recovery and injury prevention, as well as how the beer industry

Episode 75: Master of Sport Lorna Kleidman on effective kettlebell training for women

Lorna Kleidman (http://lornafit.com/) is a highly decorated kettlebell sport competitor, author, coach,

Episode 74: WWE Legend Amy Dumas AKA Lita on training and being a plant based athlete

Amy Dumas (http://theamydumas.com/), better known by her stage moniker "Lita," is a former professional

Episode 72: Legendary strength coach Ian King on problems with the fitness industry

Ian King (http://kingsportsnet.com/) is a fitness performance pioneer. Ian founded one of the world's

Episode 71: Dr. Carlon Colker on stevia negatives, fat for fuel, and training actor Bradley Cooper

Dr. Carlon Colker (http://peakwellness.com/) is a physician, author, network reality TV personality,

Episode 70: Top trainer Ted Ryce on the murder of his brother and his thoughts on the death penalty

Ted Ryce (http://rycefitness.com/) is an accomplished martial artist, a personal trainer, and host of

Episode 69: Anthony Roberts on the not so secret relationship between crossfit and networking marketing

Anthony Roberts, a highly controversial supplement industry watchdog, (http://romanoroberts.com.mx/)

Episode 67: MMA legend Bas Rutten on all things fighting and the benefits of the 02 trainer

Bas Rutten is a retired mixed martial artist (MMA), Karate and Taekwondo blackbelt, and Muay Thai kickboxer.

Episode 66: Anti-aging and hormone optimization expert Nick Delgado, PH.D

Dr. Nick Delgado (http://nickphd.com) (http://growyoungandslim.com) isone of the world’s foremost

Episode 65: Strength coach Chris Reed on the kettlebell blackbelt training system

Christopher Reed (http://www.achieveyourpeak.com/) is the founder of Empire Fitness in Toronto, a sport

Alpha Fitness Episode 2: Mike Mahler on optimizing hormones to feel great

13: Mike Mahler Part 2: Man Up: Optimize Your Hormones to feel younger, energetic and ignite your sex

Episode 64: Elite strength coach Sabina Skala on MMA strength training

Sabina Skala (http://cjscombat.com/) is a certified and highly experienced Strength and Conditioning

Episode 63: Dr. Kwame Brown on Neuroscience and active play

Dr. Kwame Brown (http://drkwamebrown.com/) is the founder of Move Theory and is a psychology professor

Episode 62: Spartacus TV Series Trainer Tyrone Bell On What Really Goes On Behind The Scenes

As trainer for the hit Spartacus TV series,Tyrone Bell is also a highly sought-after international stuntman,

Episode 61: Censorship, double kettlebell swing technique, kettlebells for size and strength

On today's episode, Mike & Sincere take on the topic of censorship, as well as address a Facebook

Alpha Fitness Episode: Mike Mahler: Man Up: Balance Your Hormone Levels for Sex, Health and Confidence

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Brief bio: Mike Mahler is a strength

Episode 60: The A.S.S man himself! Top strength coach Jay Ashman on real strength training

Jay Ashman http://ashmanstrength.com  is an Ohio-based strength coach that started lifting weights

Episode 59: Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and MMA, the Band Motorhead on business advice

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) & Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) are becoming popular

Episode 58: Jon Hinds on why the TRX company sucks! Also why Mike Mahler left the RKC back in 2006

Learn why top strength coach Jon Hinds thinks the TRX sucks and why you probably will as well after

Mike Mahler on the Drawk Kwast Podcast on getting off your ass and making it happen!

Getting off Your Ass and Making It Happen by Drawk Kwast – February 6th, 2014 Mike

Mike Mahler on how to build a successful fitness business

Within the interview we speak about Mike’s 4 part mp3 seminar regarding making 6 figures in the

Episode 57: DHT, testosterone, prostate issues, estrogen blockers

Check out today's episode of the Live Life Aggressively Podcast for updates on my new estrogen control

Episode 56: Political Incorrectness to its fullest with Drawk Kwast

In a world that has been polluted by socialism, political correctness, and complacency, Drawk Kwast

Episode 55: Ben Greenfield on the best nutrition supplements

Ben Greenfield (http://bengreenfieldfitness.com) is a coach, author, speaker, ex-bodybuilder and Ironman

Episode 54: Dr Peter Rouse on testosterone, nootropics, and hemp for brain health

Dr. Peter Rouse (http://afpcenter.com/) returns to the show to discuss the the topic of nootropics and

Episode 53: Scott Shetler on losing 50lbs and taking charge of his health

Scott Shetler (http://scottshetler.com/) is the creator of the Abundant Health Plan, which helped him

Episode 52: Jon Lipsey, former editor for Mens Fitness UK and fitness branding expert

Jon Lipsey (http://twitter.com/jonlipseymedia &http://reward3.com/) is the former editor of

Episode 51: Brian St. Pierre Sports Nutrition Expert For Precision Nutrition

Brian St.Pierre http://precisionnutrition.com no relation to Georges St. Pierre , works closely

Episode 50: Melya Kaplan on helping homeless animals

Episode #50: Melya Kaplan (http://www.vftafoundation.org/) founded Voice For The Animals in 1999. Melya

Episode 49: Successful entrepreneur and bootcamp franchise creator Kent Pumpa

Kent Pumpa (http://www.bootcampsaustralia.com/) is a successful entrepreneur, bootcamp franchise

Episode 48: Q&A Hard Training And Free Testosterone, The Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

Episode #48: Mike & Sincere answer your questions sent via email, twitter, and sent via the LLA

Episode 47: Nathane Jackson on his experiment with plant based nutrition

Nate Jackson http://nathanejackson.com is a veteran health and wellness authority, specializing

Episode 46: Dr. Peter Rouse Ph.D, B.S, NMT Shares Anti-aging Strategies

Dr. Peter Rouse (http://afpcenter.com/) is a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology, a M.Sc in Biochemistry, and

Episode 45: Kettlebell And Fitness Expert Steve Cotter

Always great to have longtime friend Steve Cotter on the show: Steve Cotter http://ikff.net is

Episode 44:Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan Recap The Best LLA Episodes of 2013

Episode #44: Mike & Sincere recap their favorite guests and episodes of the LLA podcast from 2013,

Episode 43: Charles Poliquin on hormone optimization, inflammation, and improving grip strength

It was awesome having world renown strength coach Charles Poliquin on the LLA Podcast this week Charles

Episode 42: Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan Fitness Trend Predictions For 2014

Episode #42: Our popular listener Q&A segment of the twice-weekly Live Life Aggressively show is

Episode 41: Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan discuss intermittent fasting, caffeine pros and cons, and new years resolutions

It's the New Year's edition of our listener Q&A segment of episode 41 of the twice-weekly broadcast

Episode 40: Udo Erasmus, author of Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill

Udo Erasmus (http://udoerasmus.com/) is known for being the formulator of the popular Udo's Oil Blend,

Episode 39: training mistakes, the power of interviews, putting together a winning team

This week's listener Q&A segment of episode 38 of the twice-weekly broadcast of the Live Life Aggressively

Episode 38: Top strength coach Vince McConnell on all things training

Top strength coach, Vince McConnell (http://www.mcconnelltraining.com/) is based in Alabama, but is

Episode 37: Q&A addressing high estrogen, restoration, warming-up

This week's listener Q&A segment of episode 37 of the twice-weekly broadcast of the Live Life Aggressively

Episode 36: Former UFC Fighter James Wilkes discusses his plant based diet

James Wilks (http://jameslightningwilks.com/) is a former UFC welterweight & winner of season 9

Episode 35: Is HRT for you? Joint supplements for pets, PCOS advice

This week's listener Q&A segment of episode 35 of the twice-weekly broadcast of the Live Life Aggressively

Episode 34: Self-protection expert Tim Larkin

Self-protection expert Tim Larkin (http://targetfocustraining.com/) is the best-selling author of "Survive

Episode 33: benefits of systemic enzymes, does homeopathic HGH work? Addressing adrenal fatigue

This week's listener Q&A segment of episode 33 of the twice-weekly broadcast of the Live Life Aggressively

Episode 32: Top strength coach and founder of monkey bar gym Jon Hinds

Jon Hinds (http://www.monkeybargym.com/) is the founder of Monkey Bar Gym, inventor of Lifeline USA

Episode 31: Actor Roger Cross of 24, Arrow, and Continuum

Actor Roger Cross is a super cool guy. This is one of my favorite episodes of the show. Definitely listen

Episode 30: Strongman legend and top strength coach Mark Philippi

Mark Philippi (http://www.philippisportsinstitute.com/) is a world renown and highly respected strength

Episode 29: Grip training, juicing benefits, and nootropics

It's the listener Q&A segment of episode 29 of the twice-weekly broadcast of the Live Life Aggressively

Episode 28: Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan answer listener questions

Episode 28 of the twice-weekly broadcast of the Live Life Aggressively podcast is available right now.

Episode 27: Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan on the power of now

Episode 27 marks the beginning of the twice-weekly broadcast of the Live Life Aggressively podcast right

Episode 26: Jason Fertig on the problematic US education system

Jason Fertig (http://twitter.com/profjayf) is an assistant professor of management at the University

Episode 25: James Pond of Transitions Global returns to discuss human trafficking

Transitions Global's co-founder James Pond (http://www.transitionsglobal.org/) returns to the show to

Episode 24: Nadine Pisani on being happier than a billionaire

Nadine Hays Pisani (http://www.happierthanabillionaire.com/) and her husband Rob, decided to escape

Episode 23: Nutrition Supplement Expert Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts (http://romanoandroberts.com.mx/) is who Mike likes to refer to as, the "Walter Cronkite

Episode 22: Daniel Coyle author of The Talent Code

Really enjoyed conversing with Daniel Coyle. Dan is very passionate about his work and you can't help

Episode 21: The Voice of the Octagon Bruce Buffer

We are joined this week by the official "Veteran Voice of the Octagon" announcer for UFC events, Bruce

Episode 20: Comedian Ali Siddiq

Comedian Ali Siddiq (http://alispeaks.com/) is known for his appearances on Def Comedy Jam, BET's One

Episode 19: Shawn Phillips author of Strength For Life

Fitness industry pioneer, visionary, author, and lifestyle transformation expert Shawn Phillips (http://www.mystrengthforlife.com/)

Episode 18: Sam Sheridan, author of The Disaster Diaries

Episode 18 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast is now available for download. This week, we are joined

Episode 17: Lifting Depression author Kelly Lambert, Ph.D

Episode 17 of The Live Life Aggressively podcast is another great episode, as we discuss a topic that

Episode 16: Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan, Transdermal alternatives to DHEA and melatonin

Be sure to download Episode 16 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast right now, as this week Mike &

Episode 15: Robert Greene, author of Mastery, The 50th Law, and 48 Laws of Power

Episode 15 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast is now available for your downloading & listening

Episode 14: Top Strength Coach Charles Staley

Be sure to check out Episode 14 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast (http://llapodcast.com/), which

Episode 13: Fitness Marketing Expert John Spencer Ellis

Be sure to check out Episode 13 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast (http://llapodcast.com/), which

Episode 12: Top Strength Coach Dan John

Episode 12 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast is now available for downloading & streaming (http://llapodcast.com/).

Episode 11 with former UFC Fighter Dale Hartt

Episode 11 of the Live Life Aggressively (http://llapodcast.com/) podcast is now available for your

Episode 10: James Pond On Human Trafficking

Episode 10 of the Live Life Aggressively Podcast is by far the most compelling, thought-provoking, and

Episode 9: Improving the deadlift and other training tips

Episode 9 is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure, below. This week, we discuss: Our

Episode 8: Celebrity trainer Ashley Borden

Be sure to download & listen to this week's latest episode of the Live Life Aggressively podcast.

Episode 7: Comedian John Heffron

Episode 7 is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure, below. This week, we are joined

Episode 6: Military Fitness Expert Nate Morrison

Episode 6 is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure, below. This week, we are joined

Episode 5: Jackson Yee on his love/hate relationship with Crossfit Training

Episode 5 is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure, below. This week, we are joined

Episode 4: Ken Blackburn on all the worthless supplements he has taken

Episode 4 is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure, below. This week, we are joined

Episode 3: Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan on avoiding training injuries

Health & fitness personalities, Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan combine their decades of experiences

Episode 2: Fitness products you should avoid

Health & fitness personalities, Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan combine their decades of experiences

Episode 1: Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan start the Live Life Aggressively Podcast

Health & fitness personalities, Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan combine their decades of experiences

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