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Episode 15: Robert Greene, author of Mastery, The 50th Law, and 48 Laws of Power

Episode 15 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure, and is a “must-download!” This week, we are joined by speaker and best-selling author, Robert Greene ( Robert is best known for his highly influential and controversial books “The 48 Laws of Power,” “Mastery,” “The 50th Law,” in which he co-wrote with 50 cent, and more.

Part One: Robert joins us this week to discuss:

  • Is it possible to be a good person and follow the “48 Laws of Power?”
  • Why Robert got a thrill out of revealing the taboos of everyone’s desire for power
  • Why “everyone” should be aware of the 48 Laws of Power
  • What you can learn from Mozart about finding your own path, despite what your others have told you…including your parents
  • How to overcome what you’re known for, when you want to focus on a different area in which you’re excited about
  • What you can learn from 50 Cent in terms of leveraging success in one arena , in order to leverage success in another 
  • Robert’s take on why so many creatives won’t take action on their dreams, goals, career choices, etc.
  • What Sun Tzu’s “Death Ground” & Cortez’s “Ship Sinking” can do to help you achieve your goals 
  • Why Robert’s books appeal to a generation that feels disconnected to the current education, business machine
  • Robert’s view on being a self-published author vs. getting published via conventional means, and which will play a role in his future books

Part Two: Mike & Sincere discuss:

  • Mike & Sincere discusses the art of self-manipulation…the Ken Blackburn way
  • How fitness pros utilize manipulation for both, negative and positive ways
  • How one of the 48 Laws is killing the fitness industry, and why the fitness consumer is just as much at fault as fit pros
  • How did Kevin Trudeau, Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, and Tony Robbins find their way in our conversation
  • Why so many people are so willing to hand over their health and success to others
  • The paradox of desperation vs. rejection
  • Why you need to decide if you want to be right or do you want to be happy…yes, there is a difference
  • Mike takes on a flight attendant…and why the winner had to eat crow
  • Why the Facebook “Like” button is getting so many people (especially men) in trouble
  • Mike’s airplane lavatory tales and pranks


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