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Episode 87: Elite strength coach Andrew Durniat on the importance of grip strength and how to develop it

Andrew Durniat, ( & transformed his passion into a life-changing business in 2005. He has trained high level athletes and is one himself. He is a former All-American in lacrosse and has coached lacrosse at the College of Wooster. His past experience has led him to current compete in various high level strength/grip competitions, including Mighty Mitts at the renown Arnold Sports Festival.

As a high level personal trainer and athlete, Andrew takes the best attributes from the different modalities of power-lifting, Olympic weightlifting, and kettlebell training, all distilled from his own training, and combines them into effective training programs for any serious athlete looking to improve their performance. His education includes certifications from the National Strength & Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist & USA Weightlifting as a Sports Performance Coach, and he is also certified as a Russian Kettlebell American Master Trainer.

Andrew joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

  • Andrew shares his experience in recent grip sport competitions at the Arnold Classic and other events
  • What is the importance of grip strength and why you should focus on it
  • How does Andrew feel about deadlifting without belts, straps, and rounded-back deadlifts, and is it safe
  • What is Andrew’s preferred style of deadlift and why
  • What techniques do Andrew suggest for beginners, as well as advanced trainees, to utilize to improve their grip strength 
  • How does Andrew utilize kettlebell sport techniques to enhance is training goals outside of kettlebell sport
  • Why did Andrew step away from the world of kettlebell sport for awhile and what prompted his recent return
  • How did Andrew’s experience with training with Russian world champions, such as Sergey Rudnev & Sergey Rachinskiy, help improve his kettlebell lifting and coaching
  • What’s the one question every coach or trainer should ask their clients and themselves on day 1 of training
  • Mike asks Andrew the most important question of Andrew’s life…what was his answer
  • How is Andrew’s training facility becoming the main attraction of Wooster, Ohio & why you would also want to travel to train there

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