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Episode 171: Jake Shannon creator of the Macebell and Scientific Wrestling on working with Josh Barnett and Frank Shamrock

Jake Shannon, creator of the Macebell, Scientific Wrestling, & the Pin & Submit training seminars, joins us to discuss the following:

  • Jake discusses how he created the macebell & shares the benefits of training with macebells
  • What is the one issue that most modern macebell manufacturers are missing in terms of macebell design
  • Jake shares why adding water or sand to increase the weight of the macebell is not a great idea
  • How are macebells and kettlebells similar and how do they compliment each other
  • What is scientific wrestling and how did Jake come up with the concept
  • Jake shares how he met and worked with catch as-catch can legends Karl Gotch, Fujiwara, and Billy Robinson
  • What is Jake’s connection to MMA stars, Frank Shamrock & Josh Barnett
  • Jake discusses his Pin & Submit seminars ( & who is the ideal attendee
  • Are Jake’s seminars viable for personal defense of everyday citizen

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