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Episode 38: Top strength coach Vince McConnell on all things training

Top strength coach, Vince McConnell ( is based in Alabama, but is known globally for his 30+ years as a leading resource in the world of strength & conditioning. Vince’s clients range from high school athletes, pro athletes, and the eveyday hard-working Jane and Joe.

During episode #38 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Vince joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

  • How Vince takes on the struggle between finding time to train his full client load and training himself
  • The importance of Vince’s morning ritual and why you should incorporate it into yours, in terms of training longevity
  • How Vince helps young athletes commit to the principles of recovery, despite their typical desire to only want to train with full intensity
  • What you can learn from Vince’s training techniques he utilizes with his young athletes, in order to keep your training program interesting
  • Vince shares the evolution of the fitness industry, during the past 3 decades of his professional career, and what he learned then that’s still relevant to coaching/training success now
  • How strength & conditioning techniques for football can be applied to just about any training program for just about any client at any age 
  • The problem with following “celebrity” & pro athlete workouts
  • The beauty of basic exercises, including sprints, and how to program them into your routine for maximal fat loss and conditioning
  • What you need to know before you buy that late night infomercial workout DVD & how to avoid the “insanity” in today’s workout routine
  • How Vince helps his athletes and clients improve their mental toughness and their relationship with fatigue
  • Chasing fatigue vs. regulating fatigue & how to utilize the best one for your training program
  • The difference between “coaching clients” and entertaining clients, and realizing which category you may fall in as a trainer or coach
  • Vince’s view on training with kettlebells and Olympic lifts


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