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Episode 139: Clarence Bass returns to discuss the benefits of exercise for Parkinson’s Disease, improving brain health with exercise, and can you get strong and fit with only two workouts per week?

Fitness legend and popular LLA Show guest, Clarence Bass, returns to talk abbreviated training, the latest studies on Parkinson’s, marijuana, and the following: 

  • Mike & Sincere share how LLA listeners can help LLA friend of the show Jase Nibourg kick cancer in the ass
  • Mike shares how he utilized Clarence’s philosophy of abbreviated training to train while being sick, after a recent international trip
  • How can you benefit from only 2 hard training days a week
  • How can you utilize your time at work to improve your brain function, increase energy, and reduce injury
  • Clarence discusses why he feels our society is becoming more sedentary
  • Clarence shares a study that should make marijuana advocates happy (as if they needed any help feeling happy)
  • What is the correlation to walking, less exercise, and reduced in symptoms of Parkinson
  • How important is visualization in a variety of protocols from physical training, business, to offsetting the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
  • What is Clarence’s current diet program and how has is changed since he last joined us on the show
  • Clarence shares how the power of simple benefits your diet, training, and business
  • Clarence Bass vs. Loren Cordain….you decide
  • Clarence discusses Purposeful Living vs. Meditation and if there is a difference
  • What Clarence say to someone who is older and never really trained, in terms of getting started with a fitness program during their later years

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