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Episode 82: Top level triathlete Aurora Colello on thriving with Multiple Sclerosis

Aurora Colello ( is a top level triathlete. However, after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and losing her vision in 2008, the mother of 4 never thought she’d be the athlete and health advocate she is today. After doctors pretty much gave her zero chance of living a healthy quality of life and to prepare for the worst, Aurora chose not to listen and sought alternative medicine as a means to not only regain her vision, and reverse the symptoms of MS, she sought alternative medicinal choices, revised diet, and inclusion of exercise also helped removed 10 lesions from her brain.

During this episode, Aurora shares her incredible story, as well as the following:

  • What was the severe pain that Aurora woke up to that would alter the course of her life
  • Why being born with “skinny genes” isn’t enough in terms of an indicator of health, and how may that have worked against Aurora’s overall health 
  • After an MRI showed Aurora had 10 lesions on her brain, how did the mother of 4 respond
  • What medical techniques helped Aurora, who spend 30 days without vision, to not only overcome what was thought to be permanent blindness, but to be able to see far better than she did before
  • What exactly is Multiple Sclerosis, and why is often misunderstood by most of the general public
  • Is alternative non-western medicine another form of quackery or is it a viable option in even the most severe medical diagnoses 
  • How did Aurora react when she visited an alternative medicine practitioner to diagnosis her loss of vision, and he alternatively began giving her a “neck massage”
  • How did an anti-inflammatory diet play a part in helping Aurora regain her vision within 2 weeks of seeking other medical options
  • As someone who never participated in any form of organized physical activity, what inspired Aurora to compete in a triathlon
  • What did Aurora do to anger some of her doctors, even causing at least one to “fire her” as a patient
  • Who is Dr. Terry Wahls, and how could her own battle with MS really change the face of the western medicine community, and why is it she may not be as well known 
  • What does Aurora’s daily health regimen look like
  • How does Aurora juggle training for multiple triathlons throughout the year, keep her nutrition on point, being a wife and mother of 4, an advocate for health, and not lose her mind in the process
  • What other alternative practices does Aurora incorporate into her daily regimen, beyond exercise and diet

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