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Episode 211: Jerry Brainum on the negatives of hip thrusts, the best glute exercises, does marijuana promote gyno and lower testosterone levels?

Top guest, Jerry Brainum, returns to discuss the following in part 1 of this 2 part chat:

  • Why Jerry’s newsletter article regarding “hip thrusts” is worth its weight in gold & why the exercise can be problematic
  • What are the ideal exercises for glute development that are far better than hip thrusts
  • How did Jerry’s recent article on marijuana give Mike pause on its use
  • What is marijuana’s connection to gyno and testosterone
  • Why does Jerry try to avoid mentioning animal studies in his articles
  • What is the real reason marijuana smokers get “the munchies”
  • Jerry discusses the issue of fruit and fat loss
  • When and why should you choose frozen blueberries over fresh
  • Why it may be a good idea to consume grapefruit with coffee in regards to fat mobilization
  • What is the correlation between green bananas and fat loss & tart cherries & stress

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