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Episode 156: Fitness expert Luke Sniewski’s “Million Ways To Live” show on physical culture all over the world

What happens when you mash up the Travel Channel, Food Network,NatGeo channel, & the fitness programs of classic ESPN? You get Luke Sniewski’s “Million Ways To Live” project on YouTube. “Million Ways To Live” is a clear example of how Luke lives his life aggressively, by merging his lifelong desire to travel the world with his lifelong love of physical culture, despite how many critics would think his lifestyle is crazy and not practical. Listen in, as Luke shares how the “Million Ways To Live” project not only became a hit YouTube channel and book, but how it has inspired others, as well as himself, to use physical culture, food, travel, and various tools for rest and recovery, to reconnect with ourselves and others around the world, as well as the following:

  • Luke shares how he utilizes traveling around the world for more than simply being another tourist
  • Luke discusses the unique hunting philosophy of the Masai tribe & what we can learn from them
  • Luke shares the Masai’s version of the NFL combine for hunters
  • Luke discusses how the food culture of Fiji has drastically changed forthe worst, in only 2 generations
  • How could western culture learn and benefit from certain aspects of Ethiopian & Aramba culture
  • Why is India the ideal place to start a fast
  • Luke describes his encounter with an activist walking 10,000 miles for water awareness from Cardiff Wales, UK to New South Wales, AU
  • Why should you check out
  • What was the common denominator Luke discovered from every country’s culture, that was contrary to what is shown via the media
  • What did Luke discover in terms of close-nit communities and vital health
  • How did Luke finance his project and why taking on such a project is not necessarily out of your reach
  • What happened at a Shaolin Kung Fu school, that made Luke want to not come home


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