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The ASTB Origin story! The one that actually works

The first herb I ever tried that resulted in a large increase in testosterone was the cornerstone ingredient in ASTB the one and only Bulbine Natalensis. I learned about Bulbine from my friend Anthony Roberts (Not to be confused with Anthony Robbins!). Anthony has written books about anabolics and is very well-researched in ergogenic aids natural and unnatural. Anthony learned about Bulbine from our mutual friend Carl Lanore the host of the best fitness podcast, Super Human Radio. Carl had a doctor on his show that revealed that Bulbine increases testosterone in rats by 347%. Personally I don’t care about what works in animal studies. I am against animal studies morally and they have little carryover in what works for people or what is safe for people to take. However, Anthony had used Bulbine himself and had lab work to show it definitely increases his own production of testosterone and there was no negative impact on health parameters such as lipids, liver enzymes, and kidney markers. The rat studies showed Bulbine at the highest dosage of 100mg/kg had a negative impact on liver and kidney health. Of course 100mg/kg is a very high dosage and no one is taking anywhere near that amount. Rather 400 mg to 800 mg is the range that works well for most men. I personally take around 675 mg and I have been using ASTB for ten years and my liver and kidney markers are always in the normal range. It definitely hasn’t had a negative impact on my cholesterol either as my total cholesterol on my most recent blood test was 133mg/dl with an HDL of 55 mg/dl and LDL of 66 mg/dl. Total testosterone was 733 ng/dl and the more important free testosterone was 105.7 pg/ml. 

As effective as Bulbine Natalensis is on its own, in my opinion, there is synergy with using it with Mucuna Pruriens and Stinging nettle root. Mucuna is an incredible herb that ramps up dopamine which is just as important as testosterone for improving sex drive as well as motivation in general. Mucuna is why many ASTB users feel the effects on the very first dosage. Not everyone of course, but many experience the increase in dopamine before the increase in testosterone from Bulbine which generally takes a few weeks. Mucuna is also a pro-testosterone herb and like Bulbine increases luteinizing hormone which the brain sends to the testes to ramp up testosterone production. Mucuna also supports insulin sensitivity and growth hormone. Stinging nettle root doesn’t increase total testosterone like Bulbine and Mucuna, but helps unshackle the more important free testosterone from the sex hormone binding globulin. Remember, free testosterone is the number that matters as it is what you have access to. This doesn’t mean total testosterone is worthless as my friend and hormone optimization expert, Dr. Mark Gordon professes. Generally, only 2% of your total testosterone is going to end up as free testosterone so the higher your total testosterone the high the 2% number can be for free testosterone. 2% of a total testosterone of 300 ng/dl obviously is not as high as 2% of a total testosterone of 800ng/dl. Many men only have access to 1% of total testosterone for a variety of reasons and will need an ever higher level of total testosterone to in turn increase free testosterone unless they use Stinging nettle root which again helps unbind free testosterone and makes it more bioavailable. 

One thing you will not see what how I market ASTB is any hyperbolic over the top marketing. I am not going to promise that you will experience rock-hard erections like when you were a teenager or that you will put on 20 lbs of muscle in a month. No ASTB is not going to make you feel like an ancient warrior ready to conquer the world and take charge of your life. No supplement works that well and the people that get the best results with ASTB are the ones who are already practicing a lifestyle dedicated to health and fitness. Effective supplements are meant to do just that supplement, not make up for an unhealthy lifestyle. If you like to drink alcohol every day which increases estrogen and lowers testosterone, sleep four hours a night, sit on the sofa all night watching Netflix, and eat a garbage diet don’t expect any supplement including ASTB to be beneficial. 

The bottom line, is I don’t need to hype up ASTB or insult your intelligence or attempt to feed on your insecurities to get you to buy it. I know it works and so do most of my customers as it only has a 2% non responder rate based on the amount of refund requests I get. The actual account of refund requests I get is actually lower than 2% but I present it higher to take into account people that don’t bother asking for a refund and simply never purchase it again. 

I only recommend and certainly only sell things that have worked well for me. Whether it is training advice, nutrition advice, business advice, or effective supplements advice if it has not worked for me I move on. Unlike owners of many supplement companies, I actually am dedicated to a health and fitness lifestyle and have the results to back that up. Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I still train like a savage and I am in better shape now at nearly 50 than I was when I was in my 30s and began learning about hormone optimization Unlike the “Liver King”, I am not claiming to be natural while simultaneously taking TRT and Growth Hormone. I am open about whatever I am using or have used such as SARMs, Peptides, and Clomid. 

I don’t believe for a second that I need to lie to you to sell you anything. Sure I enjoy making a great income just like anyone else would, but I sleep with a clear conscious every night knowing that I am not selling overhyped ineffectual products that don’t deliver. In addition, I provide a ton of free very effective information for free on hormone optimization, training, nutrition, and restoration to ensure you have access to the best info to help you get the most out of ASTB and the other supplement I have designed and marketed. Also, when you buy ASTB you have access to me the guy who designed the product and is extremely well-versed in all things hormone optimization to answer your questions by email. If you don’t get the results you desire with ASTB the refund process is easy. You don’t have to call a customer service line and explain to someone over the phone why you want a refund. You don’t have to wait 90 days for the refund to be processed like I did when I canceled my DirectTV account many years ago. 


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