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Episode 180: 5-3-1 vs GVT training, a tuber that can increase testosterone by 225% , clear signs of leptin and insulin resistance

This week, Mike & Sincere discuss the following:

  • Mike & Sincere answer listener’s questions regarding Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 program & how to make it work for you
  • High volume vs low volume and calculating the optimal starting point for German Volume Training 
  • Mike reviews the book “How Champions Think”
  • The problem with PG movies and being adverse to violence
  • Why blood testing for magnesium is flawed and superior options 
  • What are Tiger Nuts (yes, Tiger Nut) & how this tuber can help boost your testosterone by up to 225% in 30 days
  • If a man wakes up with an erection and it’s a sign of optimal hormone optimization, what is a good indicator for women
  • Obvious indicators of leptin resistance and insulin resistance 

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