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Episode 155: Financial expert Rohit Kalra on why you should be investing in yourself

It’s that time of the year, where waistlines usually get bigger, while bank accounts get a lot slimmer. Financial expert, Rohit Kalra joins us, to discuss why your fiscal fitness and physical fitness are in direct correlation with one another. Also, Rohit shares the top personal financial strategies you can implement right now, to avoid going into the new year in debt, while increasing your “net cash flow,” as well as the following:

  • What is “net cash flow” & why is it something anyone who “makes money” needs to understand & start today
  • How is increasing your net cash flow like pursuing a healthy d iet or utilizing the proper training program
  • How does Rohit help his clients find the proper mindset to change their income for the better
  • Why do you need to take a “ruthless approach” to increasing your net cash flow
  • How is social media playing a part in keeping you in the poor house
  • What should you invest in, once you optimize your net cash flow….it may not be what you think
  • Why should “investing in yourself” be your one of, if not, your primary investment option once you’ve optimized your income
  • What is the “one” question everyone should ask themselves before thinking of investing any extra income
  • What are Rohit’s views on real estate acquisition
  • What should you consider, regarding the purchase of a house, via a “renter’s technique”
  • When is renting actually a good idea, and why does renting often get an undeserved bad rap
  • Why does Rohit place the capital markets (i.e. stocks, bonds, retirement accounts) at the bottom of his net cash flow framework
  • What is the true definition of “retirement,” and why most get it wrong & why it opens doors to desired risks
  • What are sustainable withdrawal rates & how should you utilize them in order to set up a successful retirement
  • Why is it always important to have a cash reserve
  • What is Rohit’s view on good debt vs. bad debt, and what is his personal solution

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