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Episode 140: Why testosterone boosters don’t always work, why you should avoid follow along fitness DVDs, the top five exercises everyone should do to be strong and powerful

Mike & Sincere address popular listener submitted questions and the following:

  • Are there any benefits to placing Mike’s Recovery Oil on the testicles other than guaranteeing you a spot as a Chippendale dancer
  • What hormone is an indicator that “NO” natural testosterone supplement will work for you
  • Is it important to get a full hormone panel before starting Mike’s testosterone booster
  • How may women benefit from Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster without the fear of looking manlier than their fathers, and are there other options
  • What are the top 5 exercises should every man be doing and why lunges are a waste of time
  • Why should you do ring pull ups and who can really benefit most, from performing them
  • The guys discuss the “Power of Efficiency” in physical training, business, firearms training, as well as your personal life…yeah, even during sexy time
  • Why the documentary “Virunga” should be on your Netflix “must-watch” list
  • Why men who train to “Following Along” fitness DVDs should rethink their life….and their manhood
  •  Why trainers who think “follow along” fitness DVDs is a sustainable income option should rethink their business model

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