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ASC 55: Dr. Mark Gordon on Clomid vs Enclomiphene, pregnenolone benefits, pain meds and hormones

My favorite hormone optimization expert Dr. Mark Gordon returns to deliver another episode stacked with incredible information. In this episode we discuss

  • The numerous benefits of Pregnenolone
  • When low cholesterol becomes a problem for brain health and hormones
  • The importance of the neurosteroid Allopregnanolone
  • The negatives of a common pain medication on hormones
  • Clomid vs Enclomiphene. Is the latter superior?
  • What you should always take with TRT as a backup plan
  • The importance of luteinizing hormone and not just for increasing T
  • What to do if you have high LH but still have low testosterone levels
  • Are the side effects of Clomid overstated?
  • How the peptide PT 141 works to increase arousal and erections big time!
  • The negatives of Finasteride
  • Lowering excess DHT and minimizing negatives
  • Are DHEA and Pregnenolone useful as pre-workout enhancers
  • Effective treatments to mitigate tinnitus
  • Dr. Gordon’s opinion of Mike’s Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster and why he carries it at his store
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Everything You Need to Know About Testosterone and How to Optimize Levels

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