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How does fish oil compare to Restorezyme for reducing excess inflammation? 

Fish oil lowers inflammation by suppressing the immune system. This can be useful if you have an overactive immune response. However, if you don’t then suppressing the immune system is as negative as it sounds. Restorezyme lowers cortisol levels, more specifically it lowers the need for a cortisol response to inflammation which will in turn help you relax and get into a beneficial healing state. By inducing healing an aggressive cortisol response to inflammation is reduced. 

Cortisol is actually an anti-inflammatory hormone that is beneficial but if cortisol remains elevated for too long it attacks healthy tissue. This is one of the main reasons why those with prolonged elevated cortisol levels find it impossible to build muscle. Also, many that lose fat too soon, are in an elevated cortisol state (especially if they are abusing caffeine or other stimulants) which explains why they lose more muscle than fat and continue to have high levels of body fat. 

This is why you should never try to lose too much weight too soon as it will always lead to a pronounced loss of muscle. Prolonged elevated levels of cortisol are also terrible for mood and probably have a much stronger connection to depression than the status quo advice of depression being linked to depleted serotonin levels. When your cortisol levels are elevated, your thriving hormones such as testosterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, and progesterone are depleted and there is no way your mental health will be on point when you’re suffering from depleted sex hormone levels. 

Anyone that cares about keeping cortisol in check and creating an environment that supports optimal sex hormone production, should make using systemic enzymes such as Restorezyme a priority. Here is what my friend Dr. William Wong a leading expert on systemic enzymes states on the topic, “Five to ten capsules (depending on the intensity of the exercise) taken on an empty stomach after a workout will curb inflammation, improve recovery, speed tissue rebuilding and most importantly reduce the immune systems cortisol release in response to the post-training inflammation. If systemic enzymes are taken as daily supplements they will have a multitude of benefits you can study later but for now, know that they improve anabolism mostly by reducing cortisol catabolic effects. Speeding recovery from exercise and preventing post-exercise soreness is also a plus.”


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