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Hormone consults, is Tongkat Ali effective? EC on TRT

I heard on a recent episode of the LLA show that you offer hormone test results consults. Can you tell me more? 

Thanks for the interest and yes I do. It is not promoted on my website at this time but I often take on clients who ask me if I am available to review their hormone test results. Essentially how it works is clients email me their hormone test results after paying my fee and within a week I review the results and send back a detailed report. The detailed report goes over what looks good, areas that can be improved, and my nutrition and nutrition supplement recommendations to help improve your markers. The entire process is done via email and of course, clients can ask follow-up questions after they receive the detailed report. For more information feel free to reach out to me at 

Here is a testimonial from a recent client 

“Mike is the best of the best and the only person I trust with my hormonal health! After years of going to doctors who I felt didn’t actually care, I finally decided to work with Mike and I’m so glad I did. He is very thoughtful and thorough and knows exactly what is going on and how to treat it. I can’t wait to continue working with Mike for the foreseeable future”

—Isaiah Wolfe 

What do you think of Tongkat Ali for boosting testosterone? 

Tongkat Ali can cause an increase in testosterone if your levels are very low. For example, if you have a total testosterone of 300 ng/dl, it may get you to 400 ng/dl. The problem is that is still a terrible level and it is unlikely you will feel any different. If you have decent levels such as 500 ng/dl it is unlikely that you will experience any increase at all. Some claim that Tongkat Ali increases free testosterone but I don’t buy it. I have used Tongkat Ali several times since 2005 and never saw an increase in free or total testosterone. Tongkat Ali can increase libido which while beneficial doesn’t mean an increase in testosterone occurred. There are several herbs that can increase libido such as Tribulus, Muira puama, Lepidium meyenii (maca), Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium), and Yohimbe but none of these herbs increase testosterone significantly or even at all. 

The bottom line is if Tongkat Ali were effective for increasing testosterone it would be in ASTB. One thing is for sure you’re not going to see any testimonials like these from men talking about Tongkat Ali-based testosterone boosters: 

Mike, I just had to tell you how awesome this product is. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to do much (no offense intended). My total test was 275 last time I had it checked. I took one bottle of Aggressive Strength and had a blood test on the last day (day 45) and my total T was up to 879! I would have been happy with 600. Incredible. I feel good and strong. Thank you!

–Ian McLeish

I have been using ASTB and it’s amazing! My T levels went from 321 ng/dl to 619 ng/dl and free from 11 to 19,7. I feel great and free! 

–Jimmy Solano 

Recently tested testosterone and levels were outstanding: 912 ng/dl total and 29.2 pg/ml free (which the lab flagged as high!. I am 57. Kudos.

–Mark F 

Hey Mike, we spoke probably 6 to 8 months ago when I first ordered your testosterone booster. At the time of starting, my test level was around 220. After about 8 months on the product. I am at a 625 which is very impressive. I am going to continue taking your product and I wanted to thank you for your help with everything. I feel MUCH better in and out of the gym! Thanks again!

–Jeffrey Hermann

I am on TRT and have experienced a significant increase in testosterone but my estradiol levels are way too high. Can EC be used effectively with TRT to reduce excess estrogen levels? 

Yes, I have many customers on TRT who use EC to keep estradiol levels in the optimal range. My friend and hormone optimization expert Dr. Mark Gordon has used EC with some of his patients with great success. 

“I received EC from you about 6 months ago and found two males with uncontrolled estradiol increases even on a 40mg every-third-day protocol. Patient (1) had an Estradiol of 67.4 pg/ml without any symptoms of nipple sensitivity or breast fullness. A repeat Estradiol 90 days after 2 caps a day returned a 23.7 pg/ml. The other patient’s (2), initial Estradiol prior to starting testosterone therapy was 117 pg/ml, We placed him on EC and followed up in 3 months and his Estradiol level dropped to 42.4 pg/ml. With the results on these two challenging cases, I will now make EC known to our patients as an option for treating their real and assumed elevations in Estradiol.”

The great thing about EC is it won’t have a negative impact on growth hormone, cholesterol levels, and bone health the way the aromatase inhibitor drug Anastrozole can which is often prescribed to TRT patients with too much conversion of testosterone to estrogen. The ingredients in EC support liver health which is cardinal for estrogen metabolism as well as insulin sensitivity which is paramount for comprehensive hormone optimization and ideal physique composition.


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