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Episode 110: Dave Weck creator of the Bosu discusses balance training, RMT clubs, and creating a successful business

David Weck is the innovative mind behind the popular, and often controversial, Bosu Ball. David joins us to dispel the myths associated with the Bosu Ball, how he addresses the Bosu-haters, Matt Furey-styled marketing, life as a soap opera actor, the new and improved next-level Bosu, his upcoming inventions and products,as well as his advice in dealing with people who want to “pick your brain,” for free.

David also shares the following:

  • How did an moment of falling asleep while standing up at the age of five, play a part in the creation of the Bosu ball
  • David shares his journey from football to Wall Street, from roller-blading athlete to soap opera star, to personal training & successful inventor
  • David discusses some of the biggest misunderstandings regarding the Bosu, including a popular study by strength coach Eric Cressey
  • David shares the evolution of the updated version of the Bosu and how it will change the minds of those that disliked the first Bosu
  • How did David respond (& continues to respond) to negative criticism toward the Bosu, a well as his other products & training systems
  • How has the Bosu been able to consistently grow in production and profit, as opposed to many fitness products that come and go
  • How does David’s RMT Club differ from Clubbells, Indian Clubs, & Maces & who will benefit from it the most
  • How did David attain the necessary funding to start the production of the Bosu 
  • David discusses the process of getting the Bosu in large corporate retailers such as Target & Wal-Mart
  • How does David deal with individuals who constantly ask him for advice on creating their own invention or product
  • David shares how his approach to marketing his fitness products is different than most, and just what did David have to say regarding popular fitness marketer Matt Furey

All this and much more:

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