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Episode 103: Physiotherapist Christopher Lendrum on injury rehab as well as advice on training around injuries

Christopher Lendrum is U.K.based professional physiotherapist whose mission is to educate those who have injuries and give them specific exercises to rehabilitate themselves post injury. Chris also aims to educate health professionals by giving them the necessary information about assessment and treatment techniques based on the best evidence-based information that is currently out there in the physiotherapy community. During this episode, Chris joins us to discuss the ever-popular topic of training with injuries, as well as how to avoid or rehab from them. We also discuss the following:

  • What are some of the biggest issues stemming from excessive bench pressing
  • When are pull ups not a viable pulling movement
  • Are there any benefits from performing dumb bell or kettlebell renegade rows? Why or why not?
  • What’s Chris’s take of the controversial “leaning back” technique during overhead presses
  • What type of training is suggested while your rehabbing from an injury, especially back pain
  •  Why an 8 month old baby is probably fitter than the majority of typical trainees 
  • What are optimal warm up options for the average trainee
  • When is static stretching a viable recovery option
  • What is Chris’s opinion of chiropractors, acupuncture, meditation, and other forms of alternative recovery
  •  Why the theory of “not letting your knees move past your toes during squats” is “not” necessarily true
  • What does Chris think about barefoot running and what are his thoughts on the recent issue with Vibram’s 5 Finger shoes

All this and much more:

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