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Episode 174: Former Special Forces Green Beret Andrew Marr on what can be done to stop the deaths of veterans suffering from PTSD due to traumatic brain injuries

Andrew Marr is a former Special Forces Green Beret, founder of Warrior Angels Foundation, an organization whose sole purpose is to stop the deaths of veterans suffering from PTSD symptoms caused by traumatic brain injuries. Marr’s last deployment in 2013 was emotionally and physically taxing where he and his Special Forces team were engaged in constant combat through its entirety. Marr suffered numerous traumatic brain injuries from explosions, which resulted in his medical retirement.

When Marr returned to the states he began a 6 month spiral downward. Once an elite performer in life or death moments in war, Marr couldn’t even remember how to drive home. He started struggling with cognition, memory, behavior, alcohol, all symptoms common with PTSD. The conventional treatment he received from the VA did not help, and so his journey to find a solution began. He joins us today to share that solution with you in the hopes that we can slow if not altogether stop the 22 veterans a day who are committing suicide thinking there is no hope or help for them. There is hope, and there is help. Andrew joins us to discuss the following:

  • Andrew shares how he began working with Dr. Mark Gordon & also started his journey toward treating his symptoms from TBI
  • Why is it important to be your own best health advocate
  • How has clomid benefited the soldiers Warrior Angels has worked with in the last year
  • Has there been push back from other physicians regarding Dr. Gordon’s protocol
  • How has WAF’s effort been received by the Veterans Administration
  • How has WAF worked with female soldiers dealing with sexual trauma & its effects on hormones
  • How can civilians become more involved in supporting our returning veterans, beyond stating “I support the troops”
  • How does Warrior Angels Foundation remain transparent and credible in an field filled with over 40,000 organizations specializing in helping returning combat vets
  • What is needed to help the WAF to take their mission to the next level & how can we help
  • How does head trauma contribute to the rise in homelessness and incarceration
  • Why you can’t always meditate your problems away
  • What is the process to begin treatment via WAF

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