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Episode 18: Sam Sheridan, author of The Disaster Diaries

Episode 18 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast is now available for download. This week, we are joined by best-selling author, Sam Sheridan ( Sam is best known for his books, “A Fighter’s Heart,” “A Fighter’s Mind,” & “The Disaster Diaries,” and has also appeared in the movie “Warrior.”

Part One: Sam joins us this week to discuss:

  • What Sam learned from MMA legend Renzo Gracie about coming back from a loss/failure and how that can also help you in competition, business, and life
  • The pros and cons of Work ethic vs. Ability
  • What Sam learned by personally getting into the trenches of prepping for a doomsday scenario, while writing “The Disaster Diaries”
  • How recognizing that knowing what you don’t know is actually a good thing
  • Sam shares which top level MMA ex-champion should take some time off from fighting, and also why Sam thinks this future hall of famer is probably bat s-it crazy
  • Why promoters are like drug dealers
  • Why playing it safe is in actuality a bigger risk
  • Sam and Mike share their “reality tv” experiences

Part Two: Mike & Sincere discuss:

  • Mike & Sincere discuss a special upcoming guest
  • B.S. political correctness moments in the Super Bowl, holidays, pledging allegiance, and more
  • How the new season of The Ultimate Fighter has “The Real World” possibilities
  • This week’s UFC picks
  • Training advice for trainees over 40
  • How to effectively incorporate bodyweight training with other training modalities
  • The advantages of “freestyle training”
  • More “happy endings” from frequent massages


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