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Episode 89: Fitness expert Steve Maxwell on exercises you should avoid, optimal programming, and the benefits of crawling

Top strength coach & popular guest Steve Maxwell ( returns for an in depth discussion on programming, Olympic Lifting myths, strength & conditioning for martial arts, mobility and flexibility improvement, why “crawling before you walk” is not only a popular phrase, but an important tool in training, as well as the following:

  • What are Steve’s reservations with the barbell overhead squat & why he is not a fan of it
  • Why does Steve like the barbell front squat as an alternative to the backsquat & who is the ideal athlete for them
  • Is it ever a time to be “too flexible” in terms of strength gains
  • What is Steve’s pet peeve with many yoga practitioners
  • What is Steve’s mobility/flexibility test & how does he use this to measure the chances for the trainee to get injured
  • Why is Steve not a big fan of the kettlebell snatch 
  • Why is Steve not a fan of Kettlebell Sport
  • What exercise does Steve feels gives a trainee more bang for their buck
  • Why the kettlebell is not as popular a training tool in Russia as kettlebell cheerleaders would have you believe
  • What’s Steve’s take on olympic lifting & how is this similar to Louie Simmons’s view
  • What is Steve’s take on utilizing olympic lifting to enhance explosiveness in sports specific training, such as wrestling
  • What does Steve feels is the point of diminishing returns in terms of deadlifts
  • What are the common mistakes Steve sees with program design
  • Why is Steve not a fan of battling ropes and tire strikes
  • Why muscle endurance trumps cardio endurance
  • What are the benefits of non-skill specific training to many types of programs
  • What is the best way to build pull up endurance
  • Why crawling gives you more bang for your buck
  • “Inception”…..reincarnation….visualization….welcomed divorces…..the apocalypse…..and other things you probably did not expect to hear from Steve, Mike, & Sincere

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