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Episode 29: Grip training, juicing benefits, and nootropics

It’s the listener Q&A segment of episode 29 of the twice-weekly broadcast of the Live Life Aggressively podcast is available right now. During this episode, Mike & Sincere discuss:

  • Mike & Sincere share their tips to increase grip strength
  • Why taking pictures of ripped and bloody hands & posting on Facebook should not be seen as a badge of honor
  • How one grip training technique can help take your jiu-jitsu &/or Muay Thai clinch game to the next level
  • Mike & Sincere ponder on the origins of the lifting terms, Jerk, Clean, Swing, & Snatch
  • What are the benefits of the Tense:Relax technique & when is the best time to include it in your programming
  • The health benefits of juicing (& we’re not the kind that involves a syringe)
  • What are the biggest mistakes in juicing & how to avoid them
  • Mike & Sincere’s top juicing & shake combos 
  • The real testament to know if your diet is working
  • Why avoiding one particular nutrient is a sexual disaster waiting to happen
  • Why you should not care about the latest celebrity-endorsed diet
  • What are the most effective nootropics (neuro/cognitive enhancers) & why
  • Does consuming flax seed oil cause prostate cancer in men?
  • What are our favorite pre-workout meals 
  • Our UFC 167 GSP vs. Hendricks predictions


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