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Episode 11 with former UFC Fighter Dale Hartt

Episode 11 of the Live Life Aggressively ( podcast is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure. This week, we are joined by friend of the show, former UFC fighter, MMA strength & conditioning coach, and one of the smartest and funniest dudes you will probably come across, Dale Hartt.

Dale joins us this week to discuss what he feels is the biggest mistake most fighter’s are making in their training program, Dale’s opinion of the use of supplements & how his views have changed since when he was an active fighter, how a serious shoulder injury helped change Dale’s view on nutrition, recovery, pre- & rehab, the keys to performing at an “ideal level,” Dale’s assessment of the recent Anderson Silva/Chris Weidman fight &amamp; how Silva’s loss may play a part in his future as a fighter & his legacy, what fighters (as well as other athletes) can do to help insure longevity in competition and training.

Also, Mike & Dale share their funniest stories, while training at Mark Philippi’s, PSI Training Center in Las Vegas, and how a moment of flatulence pushed Mark over the top, optimal meal frequency, USDA, and organic, vs. “natural,” GMOs, hush money, the state of our food supply, and much much more.


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