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Episode 61: Censorship, double kettlebell swing technique, kettlebells for size and strength

On today’s episode, Mike & Sincere take on the topic of censorship, as well as address a Facebook reader’s response on Mike’s “terrible” double swing technique, as well as their opinion of popular strength coach, Elliott Hulse’s response that kettlebells are not ideal for building massive muscle.

Tune in to episode #61, as Mike and Sincere discuss these topics, as well as the following:

  • Mike and Sincere address some listener email responses
  • What is the LLA podcast’s take on censorship, and should they censor themselves during the show
  • What are some of the real “curse words”
  • Why equating words with education is pretentious and dangerous
  • In Sincere’s opinion, what is the most offensive four-letter word in today’s existence 
  • What Facebook reader’s response made Mike want to give them a StrongFist to the throat
  • Why going “balls-to-the-bell” is not the way to go with double outside swings
  • Why experience exceeds assumption
  • Why you should avoid going A.T.M. when posting on a forum, YouTube or other areas of social media? Your credibility depends on it.
  • Why we agree with Eliott Hulse, when he states Kettlebells won’t build muscle…to an extent
  • We address mixing steroids and kettlebells
  • What has changed in terms of Mike’s training approach with kettlebells, since the release of his Kettlebells For Size & Strength video series 
  • Why does Sincere like trap bar deadlifts as an assistance exercise for snatches for kettlebell sport
  • Why visualizing that you’re “wiping from the back” will help improve your kettlebell snatch technique and save your grip for high repetition snatch sets
  • Why kettlebell snatches are not the problem? You are.
  • Why twerking and making sure you have to “cock out to lock out” will help your overhead pressing technique

All this and much more:

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