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Episode 129: Strength Coach Scott Shetler on the benefits of German Volume Training and his new book Eat Plants Lift Iron with Stic of Dead Prez

Strength coach Scott Shetler returns to the show to discuss his current book collaboration with and training protocol with hip hop artist, activist, & athlete, of Dead Prez, plus the following:

  • Scott discusses how he helped hip hop artist of Dead Prez pack on lots of muscle and increase strength via a plant-based diet, programs such as German Volume Training, and a short time frame
  • How is German Volume Training likened to the Coan-Philippi deadlift program
  • Why 12 Week transformation programs/challenges are flawed, yet may have some good benefits
  • Why peer-reviewed studies are not the be-all/end-all to the effectiveness of a training program
  • How did German Volume Training affect SticMan’s long distance running routine
  • Who is the Plant Built Team
  • The guys discuss the rise and fall of athletes/celebrities such as Jon Jones and what we can REALLY learn from their situations 

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