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Episode 50: Melya Kaplan on helping homeless animals

Episode #50: Melya Kaplan ( founded Voice For The Animals in 1999. Melya was inspired to start Voice For The Animals after seeing many homeless cats and dogs wandering the streets of Venice when she first moved to the community. She quickly realized there was a dire need for a new type of animal protection organization.

During Episode #50 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Melya takes time out of her busy schedule to discuss the following with & SIncere:

  • How Melya physically confronted a drugged out man in the act of abusing a dog, and successfully rescued the dog & helped the dog to find a loving home
  • How VFTA helps those who may not be able to financially support their pet and consider giving them up
  • Melya shares why there are so many animals ending up in shelters
  • Why the terms “ethical or responsible breeder” is an oxymoron
  • What you need to know before you buy another pet from a pet store
  • How circuses really train wild animals to perform and why there is no longer a need for animal performances in circuses
  • How Melya & VFTA works closely with the LAPD to rescue animals in the greater Los Angeles area
  • How the police chief of the LAPD, leads by example in terms of advocating animal rights
  • How animal abuse is precursor to human violence
  • How Thomas Edison utilized animal abuse to further the cause for one of his most well known inventions
  • What are the top 2 zoos in the U.S. that Melya recommends
  • How there may be wild animals in your neighborhood
  • What are you really experiencing when you visit a zoo, as well how these visits are a disservice to the animals, as well as children
  • What is the connection between the mentally ill, zoo animals, and….the mentally ill?
  • What happens when living beings are considered “property” and how that
  • How VFTA stepped in and helped to sidelined a law that would have supported the abuse of dolphins in Greece
  • What are the many ways everyone, including you, can do to help in terms of animals rights advocacy
  • Are no-kill shelters a better alternative to kill shelters, and why?

Links & Resources from The Show:

1. Rescued By The LAPD:
3. Performing Animal Welfare Society:
4. Help Save Lily:


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