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Episode 75: Master of Sport Lorna Kleidman on effective kettlebell training for women

Lorna Kleidman ( is a highly decorated kettlebell sport competitor, author, coach, and producer of the KettleX DVD series. In 2007, Lorna became the first America kettlebell Master of Sport International Level. Since that time, Lorna has garnered numerous medals, awards, and first place finishes as a kettlebell sport competitor. However, Lorna has been able to build a business beyond kettlebell sport, and we discuss how on this episode.

Lorna also joins us to discuss the following:

  • Lorna discusses her latest DVD project that will make kettlebell training more accessible to women
  • How did complications from asthma lead Lorna to competing with Kettlebells
  • How does Lorna feel about women competing with 2 kettlebells & does it pose physiological issues for women
  • What makes a kettlebell more inviting to women, as opposed to barbells and dumb bells
  • What are the physical attributes & benefits that Lorna recognized the most from her own kettlebell training 
  • Why did Lorna retire from kettlebell sport
  • Why does Lorna not like working with book publisher
  • What is the most important aspect as a kettlebell sport competitor and what you can learn from this in any aspect of your life whether you compete or not
  • How is Lorna utilizing kettlebell sport in other areas of her current fitness projects, and why?
  • What are the most frustrating aspects of trying to build her business
  • What happens when you hand your dreams and goals over to others
  • What’s next for Lorna’s business
  • What will it take to make Kettlebell sport a viable commercially acceptable medium
  • What can the world of kettlebell sport learn from Crossfit
  • Why a 10 minute set is the “Great Equalizer”

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