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Episode 44: Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan Recap The Best LLA Episodes of 2013

Episode #44: Mike & Sincere recap their favorite guests and episodes of the LLA podcast from 2013, and also take a look at Sincere’s recent Las Vegas adventures. Plus, Mike & Sincere also discuss:

  • What we learned from guest James Pond about power in numbers
  • Where you should look in terms of resources to help you stand out in your industry
  • What we learned from best-selling author Daniel Coyle regarding comfort and narcotics
  • Why a kid named “Mustang Wanted” will make your glutes clinch involuntarily
  • The one thing you should do for an hour everyday…starting now!
  • How to get your head out of your a– and into a new book
  • Why you should be watching the TV series, “Revolution”
  • Where is the one place any comedian with writer’s block can go to get guaranteed comedy material
  • What happens when 2 fitness pros are sitting in a bar & there was Shaquille O’Neal, a south Asian Mack Daddy, a group of corporate creepers, and band of skirt shirts
  • What happens when Mike sings Tupac & Metallica classics with a thick Indian accent
  • How did Sincere get “Sharon Stoned” in Vegas
  • “How To Respond To An Escort” by Michael Mahler
  • How podcasts platforms such as Stitcher will be the death of satellite radio
  • What we learned about various aspects of freedom from author Nadine Pisani 

Links & Resources:

1. Mustang Wanted’s YouTube Channel:
2. Download a free audiobook from


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