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Episode 98: Dr. William Wong on the benefits of coffee and adrenal fatigue advice

Dr. William Wong, a very popular & highly downloaded previous LLA podcast guest, returns to help clarify the health benefits of the world’s most favorite drink….coffee. Dr. Wong helps us sift through all of the coffee myths, the medical industry’s anti-coffee propaganda, as well answer your frequently asked questions regarding the best time of day to drink and not to drink coffee, and if coffee is bad for kids. We discuss these topics, as well as the following:

  • What are the benefits of coffee, according to a long time research based in Hawaii
  • What are the real effects of drinking coffee at night 
  • Why is there alcohol in some of your supplements & why mixing alcohol & supplements may be a good idea
  • Kids, coffee, soda, caffeine, & the truth
  • Are there really any benefits of drinking coffee for sports performance
  •  What is coffee cycling
  • The truth about hops and estrogen: Why beer drinkers should pay attention and is wine is more estrogenic than beer
  • Circadian rhythms and why so many self-proclaimed “bio-hackers” are simply just “hacks”
  • What is the relationship between coffee and depression

All this and much more:

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