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Episode 124: MMA legend Bas Rutten returns to talk about the 02 trainer, PEDs in MMA, and Cyborg vs Rousey

MMA legend, Bas Rutten, returns to talk about why his O2 Trainer’s inspiratory trainer is superior to other respiratory trainers on the market, how he really feels about the UFC’s current stance on random drug testing its athletes for performance enhancing drugs and the Anderson Silva/Nick Diaz drug debacle, resistance training in the ocean after surgery, Damien Maia’s reasoning for praising Jiu-Jitsu over stand up, CM Punk, & why Jon Jones & Ronda Rousey are the future of MMA, plus the following:

  • Bas, Mike, & Sincere describe the benefits of the O2 trainer
  • Bas shares his current training regimen, since his last surgery
  • Bas discusses how & why he resistance trains inside the ocean
  • How does Bas deal with his competitors who swear oxygen training tools that controlling air in and out are more efficient
  • Bas discusses if there are any real benefits to products such as The Training Mask
  • How did the SAS respond to the O2 trainer
  • How has the O2 trainer infiltrated the music industry
  • Why 1lb-35lb weight plates are a much better idea than 45lb plates
  • What is Bas’s opinion of Mike’s Testosterone Booster
  • How does Bas truly feel about PED’s in MMA, Anderson Silva, & the UFC’s current stance on drug testing
  • Where would Mike’s Testosterone Booster stand up in the UFC, according to their current policies
  • Bas discusses Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey, Cyborg, and the next level of MMA fighters 
  •  Bas weighs in on CM Punk vs. Joe Rogan 

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