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Episode 57: DHT, testosterone, prostate issues, estrogen blockers

Check out today’s episode of the Live Life Aggressively Podcast for updates on my new estrogen control supplement, pre-workout drink, and why post it bitches are dumb! 

Episode #57: Mike & Sincere return with a long overdue Q&A segment of the Live Life Aggressively podcast. During this episode, Mike & Sincere discuss:

  • The benefits of the estrogen blockers, Myomin or triazole & why women over 30 should be taking myomin & why men should use either while supplementing with testoterone boosters
  • Mike’s upcoming estrogen supplement release date & why is it better for women and men
  • DHT vs. Testosterone & why DHT may be more important
  • Why DHT is not the villain in terms of hair loss
  • Why the notion that high testosterone causes prostate cancer is not an accurate statement
  • Why fans of the pre-workout supplement Power Shot can now celebrate 
  • Why you should only buy supplements from this “one” type of guinea pig
  • The pros and cons of supplement’s “proprietary blends”
  • Why people are more trusting than we care to admit
  • How you cannot simply “get over” serious traumas in your life
  • Why making mistakes is very vital to enhancing your life & how folks screw this up
  • The mistake of finding immaturity in being genuinely enthusiastic and how in doing so is detrimental to your health
  • Confidence vs. six-pack inspired selfies
  • More info on the upcoming Las Vegas experience training workshop feat. Mike, Sincere, Steve Cotter, & Ken Blackburn and how you can get first dibs on registration

Links & Resources:

1. Myomin:

2. Triozole:

3. Dr Morgentaler on testosterone and prostate cancer:

4. Dercos:

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