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Episode 115: World renown strength coach Ian King on fat loss mistakes, Crossfit fence walkers, and optimal program design

By far one of the best strength coaches in the business. Every trainer and fitness enthusiast should make it a priority to listen to this episode: 

Fitness coach and legend, Ian King returns to help our LLA podcast nation get their fitness goals on point & discusses how you can avoid falling for the typical New Years “resolutionary’s” annual fat loss mistakes.

Ian is as candid and controversial as ever, as we discuss reality weight loss shows, Crossfit fence-walkers, legendary fit coach Ed Coan, why box jumps, circuit training, & training with chains is usually a load of b.s.,as well as the following:

  • How does Ian design a program for an athlete that needs to lean out
  • Why does Ian disagree that “circuit training is the perfect solution to fat loss” & why exercise has nothing to do with proper fat loss
  • What is Ian’s approach to programming proper nutrition for his clients
  • What is the “set-point theory” & what are Ian’s thoughts regarding it
  • Why is winning the lottery similar to yo-yo dieting
  • Ian shares how he feels about reality TV fat loss shows and why he feels joining the Navy Seals is a better alternative
  • How does Ian feel about Crossfit critics that are now in bed with Crossfit or its biggest cheerleader
  • What is Ian’s opinion of “box squats,” “variable resistance training,” & “chains” & how did legendary strength coach Ed Coan address these training methods
  • What is Ian’s theory of “Is it effective” vs “Is it optimal” & why you should ask yourself these 2 questions before training
  • Why does Ian feel “unilateral training” is important & what is the right & wrong way
  • What is Ian’s opinion of “grip training” as well as “core training”
  • What are Ian’s go-to core-specific exercises & why he programs abdominal work in the beginning of his client’s programming
  • Why are most strength & conditioning programs a detriment to a lot of martial arts athletes

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