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Episode 187: Thomas Incledon on the importance of probiotics for everything from blood pressure, mood, to optimal testosterone

Popular LLA Show guest, Thomas Inclendon (aka “the World’s Strongest Scientist) returns to discuss the following:

  • Thomas discusses the ins and outs of gut health
  • Why does the amount of probiotics used in studies pale in comparison to what is available at your local supplement shop, and which is a waste of time
  • How do probiotics affect blood pressure and the nervous system
  • Thomas addresses suggestive marketing of consuming significant amounts of fermented foods and/or probiotics supplements for digestive health
  • How does stress play a part, in terms of digestive health
  • Thomas discusses how C-sections may have an affect on a child’s digestive health, even into adulthood
  • How does the healthy bacteria in our digestive system influence the most common viruses
  • How do certain organisms affect testosterone health
  • Why should you pick up a bag of flaxseed fiber, during your next visit to Costco
  • Thomas shares his garlic/blender experiment
  • What is central sleep apnea and why does it afect more ex-NFL players and MMA fighters


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