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ASC Episode 11: Dr. Mark Gordon on estrogen myths, Why you should use PCT on anabolic and SARM cycles, clomid benefits, protection against COVID19

Dr. Mark Gordon is, in my opinion, the Michael Jordan of hormone optimization doctors. He is extremely generous with his time and has donated over thee million dollars of billable hours to help soldiers with PTSD. Just shows you the kind of individual he is! A Doctor who actually cares and is dedicated to improving the lives of all of his patients. In this informative conversation, we discussed the following:

  • Estrogen myths and why optimal estradiol levels are important for men to have optimal sex drive and function. 
  • The negative impact of depleted estrogen levels on bone health and optimal growth hormone production 
  • Do you have anxiety, depression, and fatigue? Many think it is from excessive estrogen levels but often it is also from depleted levels. 
  • Why blocking the conversion of testosterone to estrogen is not necessary for most men on TRT or Clomid. 
  • The other hormones you need to take if you are going to get on TRT and why failing to do so will be to your detriment. 
  • The benefits of progesterone and pregnenolone for men 
  • Why you should use PCT protocols on anabolic cycles in addition to after. 
  • Mike talks about his experience with the peptide combo of CJC1295/ipamorelin for increasing his own production of growth hormone. 
  • Dr. Gordon explains how the peptide combo works and why it needs to be cycled. 
  • Dr. Gordon on why wearing masks is missing the mark on how we can move forward with our battle against COVID19 
  • Nutrients you can take to protect cells from viruses 
  • Why reducing inflammation needs to be prioritized and how to get it done. 
  • The importance of Vitamin D and why the right dosage is however much you need to get into the optimal range. 
  • How optimal Vitamin levels offer protection against COVID19 

For more info on Dr. Mark Gordon go to

To learn more about how you can help support soldiers with PTSD and TBI, go to Warrior Angels


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