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Episode 13: Fitness Marketing Expert John Spencer Ellis

Be sure to check out Episode 13 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast (, which is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure. This week, we are joined by our good friend, top branding, fitness and personal development entrepreneur, John Spencer Ellis (

In Part One JSE joins us to discuss:

  • Why John should stick to marketing and branding, and forgo his dreams of a being a plumber
  • The common mistakes John sees a lot of fitness professionals making in their businesses
  • What John & 50 Cent agree on
  • The system John uses to create something new every 23.5 days
  • How Justin Bieber & Wayne Gretsky are referenced within the same minute of this discussion
  • Why entrepreneurs should bot follow the path of the “One Hitter Quitters”

Part Two: Mike & Sincere

  • The power of “pulling the trigger” to improve your business
  • Why are we having a discussion about author of “The 50th Law,” Robert Greene
  • More reasons to love
  • The uncommon ideology of “common sense”
  • What days work best for us in terms of sending out email blasts and why
  • “How to “burn” more fat than a Friday night hooker in Vegas?”
  • Which UFC on Fox 8 were great and which ones were a real disappointment
  • Why watching Pulp Fiction & any early Ice Cube movies on basic cable is so awesome
  • What is the International Kettlebell Games and why Sincere is excited to compete in it
  • Mike’s upcoming workshops and supplements


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