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Episode 112: Dr. Mark Gordon on brain traumatic injuries and hormone optimization part 2

Dr. Mark Gordon returns for part 2 of our discussion of his research and treatment of hormone replacement in victims of traumatic brain injury, as well as addressing the controversial issues of “high” cholesterol, addressing and treating TBI for members of the military, the NFL, MMA, and other high impact sports, and more.

  • Dr. Gordon also shares the following in part 2 of our 2 part discussion:
  • Dr. Gordon shares why our I.Q. tends to fall when we have a cold
  • How have branches of military, 1st responders, NFL, MMA organizations, responded to Dr. Gordon’s work of using hormones optimization to address TBI & PTSD issues
  • Dr. Gordon discuses how it’s detrimental to take testosterone replacement only & how its single dosage negatively affects other important hormones
  • Is Dr. Gordon’s protocol for treating women different than how men are treated & why
  • Dr. Gordon shares some of the success stories from treating soldiers returning with head trauma with his hormone protocol
  • Why is the subject of “high cholesterol” a convoluted and complex topic, contrary to what the major drug companies and many medical processionals would have you believe
  • Why the fear of producing high cholesterol, in relationship to consuming eggs, is misguided
  • All this and much more:
  • More info on Dr. Mark Gordon:

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