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Episode 59: Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and MMA, the Band Motorhead on business advice

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) & Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) are becoming popular & controversial topics in competitive sports lately, especially in the world of mixed martial arts. Recently, the Nevada State Athletic Commission completely banned TRT use in all combat sports. The California State Athletic Commission and Brazil soon followed suit. So what does this mean for combat sport athletes, particularly in mixed martial arts, as well as what can those who use TRT do to replace it?

Lastly, is there a difference between TRT, steroids, and other PEDs? Mike helps clarify what TRT is and isn’t on today’s show. Also, Sincere shares some highlights of his recent trip to Costa Rica. Was it all that he expected or was he and his wife extremely dissapointed? More importantly, will they ever return?

Listen to Ep.#59 as Mike & Sincere talk about the following:

  • What “huge” fitness event is happening during the same weekend of the upcoming Live Life Aggressively course makes the LLA event an even bigger can’t-miss event
  • Mike discusses the controversial TRT ban by the Nevada State Athletic Commission & the MMA fighters affected
  • What TRT/HRT is and what it isn’t
  • What can fighters who have been users of TRT/HRT can do to stay competitive, in spite of the ban
  • Why a fight between Ronda Rousey vs. Gina Carrano would be bad for business, in terms of women’s MMA
  • What is the connection between the UFC, WWE, & the network marketing company, Herbalife?
  • What you can learn about expanding your business from the current U.S. economy
  • The best business advice via the legendary group Motorhead
  • Sincere shares highlights from his recent trip to Costa Rica
  • Is Costa Rica “all” that it’s hyped up to be?
  • Why did two “chicas” sitting on a park bench have a nearby stalker repeatedly uttering the word “boyfriend” to Sincere & his wife

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