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Episode 123: Beyond Training author Ben Greenfield on float tanks, adrenal fatigue, and breathing techniques for improved performance

Ben Greenfield returns to the LLA podcast to discuss endurance training breathing techniques, sensory deprivation tanks, why he feels checking his high blood pressure is unnecessary, and more. 

Ben is a coach, author, speaker, ex-bodybuilder and Ironman triathlete. His science-based approach to discovering a potent balance between health and performance has revolutionized the way thousands of athletes and exercise enthusiasts around the world live, train and eat. 

Ben is also the author of the popular “Beyond Training” book, which is a balanced approach to fitness, nutrition, and health, coming from his extensive experience in the fitness and wellness industry as one of the country’s leading personal trainers and wellness consultants. 

Tune in, as Ben, Mike , & Sincere discuss the following:

  • Mike & Ben share their experiences with Sensory Deprivation & how “herbal” enhancements effect the experience
  • Ben discusses how he utilizes cold thermagenesis as a training recovery technique & how he had to make adjustments while living in the middle of the forest
  • What is box-breathing and how did Sincere utilize a similar technique for introducing clients into meditation, while a Navy Seal showed Ben how to utilize it for intense training 
  • How does Ben optimize his hormones, in spite his continuous intense training
  • Ben shares why journaling is important and not simply something that’s woo-woo
  • Why Ben is not concerned with measuring his blood pressure 


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