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Episode 215: Top strength coach Andrew Durniat on how to train for extreme endurance, strength training, and kettlebell sport

Ep.#215: Top strength coach and all around high-level athlete, Andrew Durniat returns to discuss the following:

  • Mike issues an online challenge to our listeners. Do you have what it takes to win?
  • How does Andrew mesh strength training, kettlebell sport, and extensive endurance event training together intelligently
  • Who or what inspired Andrew to begin competing in Ironman competitions
  • How does Andrew mentally prepare for a 15 hour non-stop race
  • Andrew discusses how he is able to train for endurance events and still have the energy to strength train on the same day
  • How did Andrew adjust his dietary habits, with the combination of endurance training and being blessed with a high metabolism
  • What is Andrew’s current recovery routine
  • Andrew discusses the benefits of investing in the training “long game,” in terms of introducing a new training goal
  • Why does a slightly-outside the shoulder stance work for Andrew, in terms of deadlifts
  • Why training today doesn’t mean you will be stronger tomorrow


All this and much more:

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