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Episode 34: Self-protection expert Tim Larkin

Self-protection expert Tim Larkin ( is the best-selling author of “Survive The Unthinkable: The Total Guide To Women’s Self-Protection,” and is the the creator of the Target Focus System, a self-protection system utilized by law enforcement, military, combat sports, the everyday husband, housewife, and layman. Tim has graced the cover of Black Belt magazine, been featured on CBS & ABC news, Forbes magazine, the BBC, and his system and instruction also caught the attention of popular self-help coach Tony Robbins. In fact, Tim is a regular presenter at many of Tony’s events.

During episode #34 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Tim joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

  • What’s the connection between self-protection, Tim, & Tony Robbins?
  • Tim’s explains the differences and challenges he experiences with training celebrities, law enforcement, pro fighters, members of the military community, & the everyday Jane and Joe
  • What is the difference from Tim’s self-protection system compared to the typical self-defense classes, reality self defense, or combat sports
  • How sports medicine data plays a major role in Tim’s self-protection training system
  • Tim’s connection to boxing and the Navy Seals
  • How the end of the Cold War changed Tim’s approach to teaching self protection
  • The difference between self-defense and self-protection & which one you should consider
  • When “using the tool of violence” catches a bad rap & is often misunderstood
  • How Tim helps prepare the average person to be mentally prepared for extremely violent scenarios compared to those who work in violent jobs and environments
  • The story of the peaceful dentist and the violent meth addict
  • Principles vs. Technique…and which is more and important and why
  • The common denominator between fitness trainers training a client to how Tim trains clients for self-protection
  • Tim & Mike’s one tip to help women be less of a target, especially in major cities 
  • How Tim helped humble a successful, violence-prone Texas oil exec
  • Tim shares moments in which he had to apply his own training in order to save his own life, from seedy parts of L.A. to South America
  • Effectiveness vs. Efficiency
  • Concealed carry Groupon deals?


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