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Episode 86: Fitness expert Clarence Bass author of Ripped, Take Charge, and Great Expectations

Clarence Bass ( is an attorney and fitness writer. He is also known for his series of Ripped books, which chronicle how he brought his body fat down to 2.4% and became a past-40 bodybuilding champion. Bass also wrote a monthly question-and-answer column in Muscle & Fitness bodybuilding magazine. He has kept detailed journals and photos documenting his fitness spanning almost 60 years. He continues to train and publish monthly articles on his website.

At age 76, Clarence’s athletic performance has been judged as “superb,” and his overall fitness evaluations from the famed Cooper Clinic in Dallas ha placed him in the top category for men in his age group. Clarence’s maximum heart rate (180) is that of a 40 ear old. Clarence shares how he gives “aging” the proverbial kick in the a–, continues to get better and better each year, and what we can do right now to get healthier and fitter, as we age.

Listen now, as Clarence discusses:

  • What’s the secret that has helped Clarence to maintain his enthusiasm to consistently train from age 13 to age 76
  • What does a typical training week look like for Clarence
  • How can you find a training regimen that you can stick with and find success
  • What type of diet regimen does Clarence follow in order to maintain a low body fat percentage 
  • What is “unified eating” & how it potentially helpful in terms of calorie control
  • What is the “metabolism myth” & why is NOT what you think
  • What is Clarence’s opinion of today’s youth and their approach to health & fitness
  • Clarence writes about “threesomes” and shares why they are important for overall health
  • What are the only 2 things that are necessary for a complete training program
  • How exactly does exercise boost brain health
  • Why is Clarence a fan of the Spark book and why you should read it right now?/BDNF 
  • How may effort be more essential to size and strength vs. repetitions
  • Why Clarence is a fan of sprinting and walking (figuratively and literally), why he feels everything in between is a waste of time

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