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Episode 66: Anti-aging and hormone optimization expert Nick Delgado, PH.D

Dr. Nick Delgado ( ( is
one of the world’s foremost authorities on anti-aging. Nick has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, and presented over 3,000 seminars to sold out audiences worldwide.

Dr. Delgado recently completed his 11th book, “STAY YOUNG“, showcasing his famous Delgado Protocol for Health, a total wellness program that many consider to be the most complete health solution anywhere. The Delgado Protocol, unlike most of modern “healthcare,” is all about preventing diseased states in the first place and reversing them naturally, as opposed to treating symptoms.

At age 53, using his own system, Nick shattered the world endurance record for most pounds lifted overhead in an hour (53,640 pounds). Dr. Delgado joins Mike & Sincere to discuss the following:

  • What personal events led Nick to become an expert in hormone optimization
  • What today’s wannabe “bio-hacking” gurus can learn about anti-aging from Nick, who’s is usually twice their age, but looks twice as young as them & has strength beyond their comprehension
  • What is Dr. Nick’s connection to Tony Robbins
  • What we know and may not know about acne
  • Dr. Delgado addresses the controversy regarding DHT & its link to prostate cancer
  • Does DHT really contribute to hair loss in men?
  • What’s Nick’s advice for men who have issues growing a beard
  • What happened when Mike came face-to-face with a Silverback gorilla
  • Why Dr. Nick is not welcome in the rainforest & why men should want to have this problem
  • What events led Dr.Nick to consume a predominantly plant-based diet
  • What does Dr.Nick think of the Paleo diet and the China Study
  • What particular food should you start adding to your smoothies & why
  • What brought up the topic of vaginal lubricants
  • What’s Dr. Nick’s opinion of Udo’s oil, and Udo’s opinion of nuts and seeds
  • What is Dr. Nick’s current hormone optimization regimen
  • Why you should train mostly in the sun and have more sex 
  • The importance of keeping cool while training
  • What is the problem with the Glycemic Index
  • Why consuming a lot of fruit is not as problematic as many “experts” suggest
  • How much protein does a hard-training athlete “really” need?
  • What vegetable matches the protein profile of human breast milk
  • What is Dr.Nick’s protein powder of choice and why
  • Complete proteins vs. Incomplete protein
  • Mike & Sincere share why the lunch buffet at the all nude strip club is always a bad idea

Links & Resources:

1. “Live Longer Now” –
2. “Survival in the 21st century” –
3. “Stay Young” by Dr. Nick Delgado –
4. New Living Expo –
5. “Eat & Run” by Scott Jurek – or get the audiobook for free at
6. “Diet For a Small Planet” –
7. “Debunking the Paleo Diet” on Tedx –
8. Beta-cytasterol & GROH (call Nick’s office) – 1-866-319-0566

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