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Episode 80: Kettlebell training expert Lisa Balash on what really goes on at fitness competitions

Lisa Balash ( is a former fitness competitor turned kettlebell sport athlete, kettlebell instructor, as well as highly sought-after social media health & fitness influencer. Lisa prides herself as an athlete who is not only in her mid 40’s, stays fit year round via healthy lifestyle habits, but also, via her Kettlebell Bombshell training system, trains women to look like women and trains men to be strong and lean. 

Lisa joins Mike & Sincere to discuss the following:

  • What came first, in terms of fit women in long socks and short shorts: Lisa or Crossfit?
  • Why you should be weary of most of the big box gym trainers who claim to be certified in kettlebells
  • What is a more efficient double kettlebell technique for athletes with shorter legs, longer arms, or even a combination of both
  • Why world champion and top kettlebell instructor Valery Fedorenko would be the ideal employee at Home Depot
  • Why top kettlebell lifters such as Valery Fedorenko, Sergey Rudnev, and Marty Farrell prove that the key to high level kettlebell lifting is all about technique, no matter what size you are
  • How to use kettlebell sport accolades to get out of the “friend zone”
  • Sincere shares how he first met Lisa, while she was in her underwear?
  • Why did Lisa leave kettlebell sport and eventually returned
  • Lisa shares the dirty little secrets of anabolic abuse and eating disorders of the female bodybuiding and fitness competition world, that those “Monday Motivation” fitness memes don’t tell you
  • Why more women in the West are favoring double kettlebell training
  • Why wearing a weight vest or adding weight while sprinting does not improve your sprinting technique
  • Why P90x and chiropractors are a business match made in heaven
  • How your favorite female fitness competitors may trade one eating disorder for another
  • Why the fitness competition industry is the epitome of why being fit does not equate being healthy
  • When bringing “sexy back” may not be the most optimal for men dating many female fitness competitors
  • How does Sincere deal with “down low” male social media followers
  • How is Lisa currently involved with #FitFluential and Men’s Health Magazine
  • How Mike became the “Scorpion King” in bed

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