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High estrogen and fat loss, is pine pollen effective? Liver king nonsense

My estradiol level is 69 pg/ml and I am finding it difficult to lose body fat. Is this connected to the high estradiol levels? 

It’s definitely a factor for why you’re having a hard time losing body fat as the ideal range for estradiol is around 20-30 pg/ml for most. Of course, it really depends on your testosterone-to-estrogen ratio as well. If your total testosterone is 1500 ng/dl and free is 200 pg/ml then having an estradiol of 45 pg/ml is probably not a big deal and may even be beneficial as estrogen is important for bone health, brain health, mood, and sex drive and function. However, if you have a depleted testosterone level of 350 ng/dl and your estradiol is 45 pg/ml that is a problem that needs to be addressed. 

Controlling estrogen is crucial for overweight men who want to lose fat and build muscle. Especially if they get on TRT or any strategy to increase testosterone such as taking ASTB or Clomid. When you carry excess body fat, you have excess aromatase and this enzyme will convert testosterone into estrogen further compounding your issues. You need to lose body fat to reduce estrogen levels but the catch twenty-two is you need to reduce estrogen levels to reduce body fat. If you have excess body fat in particular in the pecs and lower body, you’re definitely estrogen dominant. I could walk out my front door now and almost guarantee that the first ten men I see are visibly estrogen-dominant. I see men often who are so visibly estrogen-dominant that they hold body fat like an overweight woman does. This is disconcerting, to say the least and not something that is amusing in any way. It is a serious problem that needs to be addressed if you want to hold onto what little masculinity you have left and more so move back in the direction of looking and feeling your best as a man. It is not remotely healthy for men to have high estrogen levels and low testosterone no matter how socially acceptable it becomes. 

Improving estrogen balance 

  • EC contains ingredients that block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and improve the ratio of good to bad estrogens. Supports liver health and liver detox as well. EC info here
  • Consume turmeric, green tea, cruciferous vegetables, vegetables, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, 
  • DIM improves the ratio of good to bad estrogens after testosterone has been converted to estrogen. It does not lower overall estrogen effectively and is not an ideal estrogen blocker. 
  • Kelp is high in iodine and helps improve levels of estriol the safest and healthiest estrogen 
  • Progesterone helps balance estrogen levels and addresses estrogen dominance
  • Vitex is useful for women with PMS symptoms as it increases progesterone and helps lower excess estrogen 
  • All Alcohol consumption converts testosterone into estrogen 
  • Too much coffee increases harmful estrogen metabolites 4 and 16 hydroxy estrone. Avoid consuming more than five cups per day. 
  • Take 1-6mg of melatonin before bedtime to lower night time production of estrone 

What are your thoughts on Pine Pollen? It is an effective testosterone booster? 

Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) is often marketed as a testosterone booster as it does contain small amounts of testosterone. For every 10 grams of Scots pine, it may contain around 0.8 micrograms of testosterone. Not exactly a large amount of testosterone. It also contains small amounts of DHEA and Androstenedione. Personally, I have used Scots Pine a few times and never saw an increase in testosterone (not free or total) or any other hormones. It does have a bit of an energizing effect but nothing extraordinary in my experience anyway. While it is a pollen some actually take it to help with allergies likely experiencing a homeopathic type effect. However, for others, it can make allergic symptoms worse so proceed with caution. Some users have reported an increase in libido. However, I doubt this is due to an increase in testosterone. Herbs such as Epimedium, Tribulus, Maca, and Muira Pauma can also increase libido but none of these herbs increase testosterone. 

The ideal way to increase testosterone is to stimulate your own production of testosterone. When such methods no longer work, some form of TRT is worth considering. Consuming testosterone from eating Scots pine or even much worse bull testicles like the Liver King twat promulgated is not going to get you there. If consuming bull testicles was so effective the Liver King would not have been on copious amounts of TRT and other anabolics. I can’t believe people are dumb enough to use his moronic supplement line after he was exposed as a consummate fraud but I digress. 

One thing is for sure Scots pine and definitely bull testicles are nowhere near as effective as ASTB which actually works for most users to increase your own production of total and free testosterone as well as dopamine and GH.


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