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Episode 209: Fitness expert Shawn Philipps on genetics, hormone testing, and power of daily rituals

Strength industry vet Shawn Phillips returns to join us to discuss the following:

  • Shawn weighs in on the issues of modeling your program based on the genetically gifted
  • The guys discuss the spiritual aspect of lifting
  • Mike shares why lifting is more like a longtime best friend
  • Shawn shares why he prefers the smith machine for bench pressing
  • When getting hormone testing, Mike shares which is one of, if not, the most important one to get
  • Why low cholesterol and not having enough fat consumption is not a Western issue
  • Shawn shares the benefits of his daily rituals and why he’s a “shake guy”
  • What you can learn about the “power of simple” from a crackhead
  • Why the phrases “working” out on vacation are diametrically opposed
  • Why “plus” model Ashley Graham gets it right in terms of going against society’s norms

All this and much more:

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