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Episode 95: Kettlebell and bodyweight training maverick Rannoch Donald on move the body, still the mind

Rannoch Donald is a movement maverick, inspirational trainer, coach and founder of the ground breaking 100 Rep Challenge (as featured in Men’s Health), Rannoch has a lifelong interest in health and well being through movement, mindfulness and the martial arts. Rannoch’s focus is on teaching skills, sharing the kind of practical knowledge and wisdom that participants can use in their daily lives. From breath work, to mobility, body weight training and moving mindfully nature Rannoch will show you how to get back into your element. Rannoch lives by the training philosophy: “Move The Body, Still The Mind.”

We discuss Rannoch’s training philosoph, as well as get into more controversial topics such as the following:

  • Are most of today’s men more attracted to masculine women?
  • Are American men in a position where they should focus more on fighting for men’s rights
  • Is there really a war against young men
  • What happens when women follow the advice, “think like a man & act a lady?”
  • Who is Jack Donovan & what’s his real agenda with the blog post that has so many people in an uproar
  • What is the downside of training & dieting to “get lean and mean” & why it’s not always the best fit for most
  • Why sports science-based training and nutrition methods are detrimental most of the mainstream public
  • Why you should ignore the next celebrity or athlete’s training program you see on magazine covers
  • Why it’s going to be harder to bust athletes for performance enhancing drugs 
  • Why is a “leveled playing field” in competitive sports an illusion
  • Why we actually need some silliness in social media
  • Why wouldn’t a movie such as “Machine Gun Preacher” not get an Oscar buzz
  • How you can escape 24 hours news outlets
  • How Rannoch teamed up with Neil Hill to create Earth Strength in order to help more people get disconnected from the attachments of the modern world and reconnect with their primal origins
  • What the hell is “Reebok Bacon” & why you shouldn’t run where you eat
  • What’s the correlation between protein, carbohydrates, fats, salt, & sugar & why does it seems like ad agencies know more than fitness industry experts
  • There’s no need for Trip Advisor once we explain why you should avoid strip clubs in Edinburgh, Scotland 

Links & Resources mentioned in the show:

Beauties In Beastmode Mode article by Jack
SFN Expo 2014 :
Earth Strength Digital Detox Experience :
Fat, Sugar, & Salt books :
Save The Chimps :

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