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Episode 206: Dr. Thomas Incledon on the importance of personalized cancer treatments

Popular LLA guest, Dr. Thomas Incledon joins us for a 2 part discussion no true LLA Show fan will won’t to miss. If you have been affected by cancer in any way, this 2 part discussion is a must-listen. During part 1, we discuss the following

  • Why is cancer the most feared disease in the world
  • What is the real reason as to why people die from cancer
  • Why being insured may be extremely detrimental to an individual’s cancer treatment
  • Dr. Incledon address typical myths and questions he faces regarding cancer treatment
  • Why is it important to get all of your genes tested upon being diagnosed for cancer
  • Why is it critical that cancer treatment is personalize
  • Dr. Incledon explains the importance of immune cell testing in pre-cancer and cancer treatment
  • Dr. Incledon discusses the consequences of not being diligent about addressing the possible toxicity of living in areas like Flint, MI, the Pacific Coast affected by Fukishima, the Gulf Coast affected by the BP oil spill, refinery communities, and more

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