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Episode 217: Leo Costa author of the Serious Growth manual and 3 strokes in 3 weeks saved my life

Bodybuilding expert and author of the controversial, “Bulgarian Power Burst” and ‘Serious Growth” manuals, Leo Costa joins us to discuss surviving three strokes in three weeks, strength training wisdom from the Bulgarians, plus the following:

  • How did Leo utilize the knowledge gained from an exclusive trip to visit the Bulgarian weightlifting team to create his popular bodybuilding program
  • How was Leo’s first book “Bulgarian Power Burst” far ahead of its time and how has it influenced today’s high sequence/high-intensity training programs
  • What was the Bulgarian’s take on “warming up” before your main lifting session & how can you benefit from it
  • Leo describes his “micro-periodization” program
  • Leo shares the Bulgarian’s non-conventional recovery techniques
  • What non-traditional methods did Leo utilize following having 3 strokes within 3 weeks
  • Leo shares how rehabbing from his strokes were far harder than any of the training he did in his life
  • Leo describes how the mind-body connection is not just some metaphysical woo woo
  • Leo shares the highlights of his app, “Automatic Diet Plus,” and how its users can benefit from it
  • Leo describes his experience training under the tutelage of bodybuilding legend Tom Platz


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