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Episode 147: Author and top strength coach Nate Morrison on military fitness, V02 max flaws, optimal training intensity for strength

For over a decade, Nate Morrison has been leading the fight to dramatically reform and redefine military and tactical fitness. He was the first to introduce kettlebells to the military and wider tactical community and even deployed with them to Afghanistan and Iraq before most people had even heard of them.

His first book, “Military Fitness: A Manual of Special Physical Training” was literally the first to address the issue of military fitness from a comprehensive and sports science point of view outside of Russia and the Warsaw Pact nations. He continues to be the only person in the USA to apply actual sports science, neurology and endocrinology to training programs with great success.

Nate returns to the LLA show to discuss the following:

  • Why is there only a 5-7% success rate with fitness program
  • Why men should look forward to morning wood more than their daily workout
  • In an era of “online coaching,” Nate shares the pros and cons of distance coaching
  • What can Crossfitters learn from high level athletes, in terms of recovery, program design, and strength progression
  • Nate talks the current condition of military PT standards and why things need to change …like, yesterday
  • Nate shares why VO2 measurement is flawed and why is should be scrapped
  • Why getting caught up in the numbers, in terms of hormone optimization and/or overall health can actually work against you
  • What can you learn from the Soviets in terms of training with more than 80% of your 1 rep max only once a yea

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