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Episode 85: Top strength coach Bret Contreras on being the glute guy!

Bret Contreras ( is considered by many as the foremost expert in glutes training. Bret has authored books, written numerous sports-science related articles, as well as adds the title of inventor to his attributes, thanks to his creation of “The Hip Thruster.”

Although Bret works with a variety of clients, it is his long list of female clients who have found success in not only reshaping their bodies, via Bret’s coaching, but reshaping and redefining what it means to have a great set of glutes. Just look at the before and after shots on his testimonials page, and you will see what we’re talking about.

Bret took some time to chat with the LLA podcast nation about the following:

  • How Bret went from being a fitness business lurker to becoming one of the most sought-after strength coaches
  • What kept Bret from submitting his articles to the popular website T-nation, early in his career
  • Why you will probably never find an article about the Turkish Get up written by Bret
  • Why does Bret loath high-rep training
  • Bret shares why he feels heavy swings are a better fit for athletes than olympic lifts or jump squats
  • Why the kettlebell swing is a good form of assistance work for deadlifts
  • How do 106lb kettlebells compare to trap bar deadlifts, and why Bret female clients love to train with the 106 pounder
  • Why is Bret the go-to guy for all things glutes, or as we like to say, how did he become the ultimate “ass man.”
  • What did Bret’s neighbors think about all of the bikini-clad women who constantly visited his condo
  • What has been Bret’s success with training clients via the poorman’s glute ham developer
  • What did Bret learn from researchers in Auckland, regarding eccentric training & how they could help prevent hamstring injuries 
  • What are Nordic Ham Curls and how are they beneficial
  • Why static stretching does not lengthen the muscles
  • What prompted a controversial YouTube rivalry between Brett & Charles Poliquin
  • Why is Bret’s current pursuit of his PhD so important to him & how it can benefit the strength training world
  • Bret the inventor, Shark Tank, & the flaws with “5 Year Plans”

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